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Op 't Randje News & Reports 2006

April 3rd Op 't Randje - Zwarte Mamba 3:0.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Jelle Hijmissen, Wim Kanning, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (2).
Goals: 1:0 - Taco (long shot and ricochette), 2:0 - Alex (after superb combination Wim - Robbert - Alex), 3:0 - Alex ('hard-working' goal, Alex - Bart - Wim - Alex, after 'big battle' near the goals).

Score could be much bigger. We did more than 20 shots and miss (mainly because of ZM keeper) more than 10 chances! First goal was a bit luckym and last two goals we scored at last 3 minutes of the match.
We are still on the first place afer this victory!

March 27th Op 't Randje - Vanbeton 7:3.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus (1), Wim Kanning, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Taco Dekker (2), Alexey Andrianov (3), Angelo, Matthijs.
Goals: 1:0 - Alex (1 to 1, after mistake of defenders), 2:0 - Alex (into close corner), 3:0 - Taco, 4:0 - Taco, 5:0 - Bart (after Ales's shot into post), 5:1, 5:2, 5:3 - opponents, 6:3 - Alex (supergoal - twisted shot into far top corner), 7:3 - Robbert (nice shot just under the bar).

Nice victory and very good quality of playing - the best in many weeks. Also many nice combinations and goals.

March 20th Op 't Randje - Allergaatje 1:3.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Roelco Kleijn, Remus Hanea, Bart Ebus, Emrah Nikerel, Jelle Hijmissen, Jok Tang, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov (1).
Goals: 1:0 - Alex (twisted shot into far corner), 1:1 - opponents (almost immediately), 1:2, 1:3 - opp.

Opponents were not very good, but 'experimental suad' of our team lost this match.

March 14th Alexey Cherepanov wedding!
16.15 - ceremony at Delft City Hall.
18.00 - party and dinner at restaurant 'De Pier', Scheveningen.

March 13th 4th (very important) macth of championship and 4th victory.
Op 't Randje - The Real RKC 3:2. It was nice match - match against our old friends and 'enemies'. And we won!
OhR: Bart Ebus, Wim Kanning, Jelle Hijmissen, Victor Papavasileiou, Alexey Andrianov, Arnold (1), Matthijs (1), Angelo (1).
Goals: 0:1 - Bart (Real), 1:1 - Arnold (after Bart - Angelo combination), 2:1 - Matthijs (after Alex pass), 3:1 - Angelo (corner of Alex and brilliant heading pass of Bart), 3:2 - our own goal (Jelle and Victor).

We played well and deserved this victory. All goals were scored after nice combinations. We are alone on the firsat place with maximum of points - 12 after 4 macthes.

March 6th Nice victory in third match of tournament.
Op 't Randje - Moody Blues 6:1. We won quite easily against principal opponents despite the fact we had only 3 players from main squad list.
OhR: Bart Ebus, Jelle Hijmissen, Alexey Andrianov (2), Arnold, Matthijs, Angelo, Alfred (4).
Golas: 1:0 - Alex, 1:1 - Moody Blues, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 - Alfred, 5:1 - Alex, 6:1 - Alfred.

After this victory we're on the first place - by goal difference, Real has the same 9 points.

February 27th Second match... We won without playing.
Op 't Randje - Spanish state 5:0. Opponents didn't show up - 'technical' victory
OhR: Bogdan Tatomir, Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Emrah Nikerel, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov.
Training and minimatch: (Alexey in goal) Alex, Jelle, Roelco - Bart, Emrah, Robbert 4:1.

February 20th New competition...
Op 't Randje - De zware jongens 10:3. Good start!
OhR: Bart Ebus (1), Roelco Kleijn, Wim Kanning (1), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (5).

Goals were: 1:0 - Robbert (after nice combination, Taco - Alex heel), 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 - opponents, 2:3 - Wim (precise shot into far corner, Jelle - Alex), 3:3 - Alex (into far corner, from past), 4:3 - Bart (nice passing, Wim - Alex heel), 5:3 - Taco (strong shot from distance), 6:3 - Alex (after Wim's cross), 7:3 - Alex (break-through and 3 shots), 8:3 - Jelle (ricochet), 9:3 - Alex (from left, between keepers' legs), 10:3 - Alex (after corner).

Although we missed many chances and opponents leading in the middle of match, we won this match quite easily.
Now we are playing at 17.30.

February 13th Op 't Randje - Gietijzeren Panna 8:1. Last match of this championship.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Vsevolod Kovalenko, Victor Papavasileiou, Jelle Hijmissen, Taco Dekker (4), Alexey Andrianov (4).

Very high spirit and motivation of our team just destroyed opponents. Taco and Alex scored 4 goals each, plus they, Victor, Roelco had more chances to score. Perhaps, the best match of OhR in 2006.

In this championship we took third place - after Team Carolina and FC Tehran. So, in season 2005/06 we played in two tournaments and twice we're on 3rd place (from 12 teams).

February 6th 10fh match of the competition.
Op 't Randje - Intrepidos 7:1.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Vsevolod Kovalenko, Wim Kanning (2), Victor Papavasileiou (1), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Alexey Andrianov (3).

Easy victory. We didn't play very good, but some of the combinations were not bad at all.

January 30th Match of the year! Before the match Team Carolina has 22 points and we - 21. And, unfortunately, we lost this.
Op het Randje - Team Carolina 0:1.
OhR 'squadra': Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Wim Kanning, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov.

It was very tide match of equal teams, with few fightings, without many possibilities to score. We played very well in this evening. Already in the beginning Victor shoted the post. After this we had few chances as well. Opponents, of course, were good too, but they had less chances and in that time Alexey Che and our defense showed high-class. The breaking point was in 10 minutes before the end - Alex passed few defenders but hit the post (what a chance it was!). Then, at last seconds opponents scored the only goal. It was quite lucky...

We lost our match of the year, but played well! It was good performance, I hope we will play like this in the last two matches of this tournament and in the next competition. In current tournament we'll keep most probably third place (as in the previous).

January 23rd We won in unexpectedly close match.
Op het Randje - Chagess United 2:1.
OhR squad: Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Seva Kovalenko (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov (1).
Goals: 0:1 - opponents, 1:1 - Alex, 2:1 - Seva.

It was quite cold evening. We started strongly, but somehow lost our chances. Then we were playing quite messy and nervously. Opponents were even in front, but immediately nice combination Seva - Bart - Alex resulted in our goal - 1:1. At the end we organized heavy gale (not many chances though). And, finally, we again get 3 points on last seconds - op het randje! After long shot goalkeeper of Chagess reflected the ball, but Seva did great move and shoot - 2:1! Bravo, Seva and Op 't Randje! Although we played quite bad, we deserved to win and got our 3 points.

Now, having 21 points, Op het Randje shares 2nd place with FC Tehran while leader Team Carolina has 22 points. Next week we will play against them! (Hopefully we will play better than tonight).

January 16th Our first lost in 2006 and in current competition (after 6 wins in a row). Also this defeat broke up our nice series of 7 consequent victories...
Op het Randje - FC Tehran 1:2.
Our line-up: Bogdan Tatomir, Bart Ebus, Jok Tang, Henri van Hoeve, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker (1), it was first official match for us of Jok and Henri as we had shortage of players befor the match.
Goals: 0:1 - opponents, 0:2 - opponents, 1:2 - Taco.

Tough opponents, but still it is sad we lost. Now we are laying on 3rd place behind Team Carolina (21 Pts., 'SuperFinal' with them is on 30th January) and Tehran (18 Pts., so as we have). Still we have good chances to win this tournament. We simply need to win all four matches left - vs. Chagess, Carolina, Intrepidos, and GPanna! Let's do this, brave boys!!! Go, go, Op 't Randje!

January 9th First match of year 2006, 1st game after New Year break. And it was very tough and close match. We won 3:2 despite being behind 0:2! Famous Op 't Randje spirit is still working!
Op het Randje - Spartak Olga 3:2.
Our line-up: Bogdan Tatomir, Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Wim Kanning, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (1).

Goals: 0:1 - opponents, 0:2 - opponents, 1:2 - Robbert (nice shot into far corner from 'his left side' after Alex pass), 2:2 - Alex (after some dribbling), 3:2 - Taco (after some dribbling).

Tough match, but we won! We were better from the beginning, but unlucky with finishing (Roelco, Alex). And then, after opponents scored twice, it was a time to show our best performance with good aggression, concentration and pressure. Final score - 3:2, our three goals we scored during 6 or 7 minutes. And at the end we had more chances to score than our opponents to equal.

Due to our great spirit, we won third tide match. Second time in a row, Op 't Randje packed three points at the end of match, being behind! Now two teams have 18 points: Team Carolina and Op 't Randje.

Alex (3 goals), Jelle and Wim (1), plus Thijs (1) and Carlos(1), played second match for Umberto Rockets and we won 6:5, playing all match with 5 players against 7!

P.S. Matches of 2nd January were postponed to 13th February.

January 1st
Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! [en]
Prettige kerstdagen en gelukkig nieuw jaar! [du]
S Novym godom i Rozhdestvom Khristovym! [ru]
S Novym rokom ta Rizdvom Hrystovym! [ua]
Kala Khristougēnna kai Ēutukhismēno to Neo Ētos! [gr]
(all 'current' languages of our team)
Feliz Natal e um Prospero Ano Novo! [po]
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! [it]
Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo! [es]
Frohe Weihnachten und ein Frohes Neues Jahr! [de]
Žaratkannyn tuysy žene Žana Žylynyz kutty bolsyn! [kz]
Crăciun fericit şi un an nou fericit! [rm]
Čestita Koleda da Štastliva Nova Godina! [bu]
('former' languages of team)

In January 2006 Op 't Randje will open new football year, full of new victories, goals and titles!
We are the champions! Op 't Randje forever!

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