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News Op het Randje (Op het Randje News) 2005

December 20th Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Team celebration of Christmas (Cath.), New Year, Christmas (Orth.), etc.!

Following by Christmas and New Year vacations...

December 19th Fifth match of winter competition and fifth victory (six in a row in total)!
Op het Randje - Zwarte Mamba 4:3.
Line-up: Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Jelle Hijmissen, Tim van der Wegen (3), Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov (1).

Goals were: 0:1 - opponents (own goal), 1:1 - Tim (precise shot from distance), 1:2 - opponents (after mistake in defense), 2:2 - Alex (after Bart's pass), 2:3 - opponents, 3:3 - Tim, 4:3 - Tim (after nice combination Jelle - Robbert - Tim).

It was tough match! But we deserved victory! Before New Year break three teams having 15 points each are in top of the table: Team Carolina, Op 't Randje and Gietijzeren Panna.

Jelle, Taco and Alex played for Umberto Rockets later - we won 3:1.

December 12th New, 5th in a row, victory of Op 't Randje. And it was victory in very tough match! We scored decisive (very beautiful) goal in the last minutes...
Op het Randje - Rongo-7 3:2.
OhR: Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Wim Kanning, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (2), Victor Papavasileiou, Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov.

Goals: 1:0 - Robbert; 2:0 - Taco; 2:1 - opponents; 2:2 - opponents; 3:2 - Robbert, fantastic header!!! into low far corner from quite a distance after corner by Alex.

The start was very easy - already in our second attack we scored. Then we have many chances and scored once once more - 2:0. But then somehow we lost concentration, and second half of the match was equal (at least). Opponents scored two goals after our mistakes in defense, while we missed few opportunities - still soe of our 'offense activities' were good. So, after good start and complete advantage, we lost everything - 2:2. The end of match was very nervous. And then Robbert scored amazing goal - strong shot by head exactly into low far corner - 3:2! Enormous celebration took place. Thus, we won in this unexpedly difficult match, where, in fact we found troubles ourselves.

Before the match Robbert said he is not completely recovered from cold, probably it was bad sign for opponents - because of his 2 goals (especially second)! Actually, winning goal was scored a bit against rules - I made corner not from precis corner (it was sleepest place on field), but 2 meters further. Keep it in secret:-)

Two teams, Team Carolina and Gietijzeren Panna, have 12 points together with Op 't Randje, but because of better goal difference we are on first place!

After our match, Jelle (2 goals), Taco (2), and Alex (3) plaeyd for Unmberto Rockets. Final score was 13:5!

December 5th Easy victory of Op 't Randje, third in this championship. And this is one of our biggest victories in history...
Op het Randje - FC K.R.I.P. 11:2.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Alberto Morpurgo, Roelco Kleijn (1), Paul Helmond (2), Jelle Hijmissen (2), Victor Papavasileiou (1), Taco Dekker (2), Alexey Andrianov (3).

Goals: first two by Alex, then opponents - 2:1, 3rd and 4th by Jelle, then Taco and Paul scored twice, Roelco, Victor and Alex - once, at the end opponnets - 11:2.

We played in nice football, with nice fast combinations. Many goals were really nice, but it was quite easy to score - opponents were too weak.
It was difficult for analysts and statisticians of this web site to find who scored all these 11 goals:-))) This is the problem of scoring too many goals - it's difficult to remember even how many scored yourself:-) I was not sure about Paul - perhaps he scored 2 times. Or, maybe, 3 and then we won 12:2!? Let's bring marker next time, so we could write on hand of player how many did he score:-)

This is our biggest victory since 30th May when we defeated the same opponent 11:0.
5 biggest victories of Op 't Randje in all time.
22.09.2003 Op het Randje - Oei Boys 12:1. OhR: Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus (1), Roelco Kleijn (2), Antonio Martins (2), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Bart Maas (4), Edwin Habeych, Alex Andrianov (2).
30.05.2005 Op het Randje - FC KRIP 11:0. OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Orion Johnson (2), Jelle Hijmissen (3), Robbert Kleerebezem (2), Taco Dekker (4), Victor Papavasileiou.
12.11.2001 Op het Randje - Playball 10:0. OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Robbert Kleerebezem, Antonio Martins (4), Jeroen Elzerman (4), Alex Andrianov (2).
23.05.2005 Op het Randje - Real Sopio 10:0. OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus, Orion Johnson (2), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Alexey Andrianov (6).
5.12.2005 Op het Randje - FC KRIP 11:2. OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Alberto Morpurgo, Roelco Kleijn (1), Paul Helmond (2), Jelle Hijmissen (2), Victor Papavasileiou (1), Taco Dekker (2), Alexey Andrianov (3).

Still there are 3 teams in current competition who also have 9 point as we: Zwarte Mamba, Team Carolina, and Gietijzeren Panna.

November 28th Ronaldinho | Op 't Randje web siteRonaldinho | Op 't Randje web siteBrazilian 25-years-old midfielder Ronaldinho is the best player of Europe of 2005!

FC Barcelona and Brazil national team forward Ronaldinho has capped a memorable year by winning the Ballon d'Or, or European Footballer of the Year award, at the annual ceremony in Paris.

Read all story at

Frank Lampard was 2nd, Steven Gerrard - 3rd, Thierry Henry - 4th and Andriy Shevchenko - 5th.

Strange - they didn't have any OphetRandjeer in Top5 players of Europe!?:-)

November 28th Nice victory of Op 't Randje, second in this tournament. We won in 'traditional op-het-randje-style': opponents were in front, but we won!
Op het Randje - Die Mannschaft 7:2.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Seva Kovalenko, Roelco Kleijn (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (2), Victor Papavasileiou (2), Alexey Andrianov (2).

Goals: 0:1 - opp.; 0:2 - opp.; 1:2 - Alex, by heel!; 2:2 - Robbert after nice combination with Jelle and Alex, 3:2 - Robbert - great goal, header after Alex's high cross; 4:2 - Alex, after Jelle's pass; 5:2 - Roelco; 6:2 - Victor, low header after corner by Jelle; 7:2 - Victor after Alex's pass.

I think, we were much better and aggressive (in good sense). Opponents were lucky in the beginning: 2 shots - 2 goals, but then we organized real storm (like one was last Friday in NL, Belgium and Germany). Many good combinations, crosses. Equalizing the score took a whil, but after this we start to play really good, wide and smart. Nice goals, especially, first three and 7th. All players were attacking, even defenders Roelco, Seva and Bart. Alexey Che left after half-time, so in the second time we all kept our goals by turn and we didn't miss!

Good victory, and after 2 first matches Op 't Randje is on 1st place in Group B.

November 21th New championship. We are playing in group B (18:30-19:30). Competition starts on 21 November 2005 and ends on 7 February 2006.
Our first match we won quite easily - against the same opponent like last week.
Op het Randje - Rongo-4 5:1.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus (1), Roelco Kleijn, Vsevolod Kovalenko, Wim Kanning, Jelle Hijmissen (1), Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (2).

Goals: 1:0 - Alex; 2:0 - Alex; 3:0 - Jelle; 3:1 - opponent (nice and unexpected, it wasn't shot); 4:1 - Bart - nice header after Alex's corner; 5:1 - Taco, also after corner.

In first and last third of the match we played well and fast enough. In the middle we lost initiative a bit. Quite many chances were created, but we can do better!
First match of Wim Kanning.
Taco and Alex (1) helped CTRL to win in next match - 2:1 against Floorfillers.

Total result of two matches against Rongo-4 is 12:3! We took the lead in our group immediately. Let's keep it like this till the end, guys!, Go, go, Op 't Randje!

November 16th
Martijn Hoeben defense.
The promotion takes place in De Senaatszaal of the Aula and starts at 15:30 h. At 15:00 h he will give a short presentation ("Interfacial
partitioning for dummies").
Martijn was captain and excellent defender of Op 't Randje Delft for years...

November 14th Last matchday of autumn championship - 2005. And very good victory of us.
Op het Randje - Rongo-4 7:2.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Vsevolod Kovalenko (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Taco Dekker (3), Alexey Andrianov (2).

We were much better, many good combinations and golas this time. Actually, we scored 8 goals, but Robbert scored one 'correct' and one own goal.

So, we finished this competition on 3rd place - behind VGSD and Spartak Olga. Our midfielders Jelle and Taco played all 11 matches of tournament.
Next competition will start on 21st November. We will play between 18.30 and 19.30.

November 7th Op het Randje - VGSD 1:7. Very important match - against leader of championship. Before the match we're on the second place having on 4 point less than VGSD. And we lost badly...
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Roelco Kleijn, Vsevolod Kovalenko, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov (1), Bob.

After this loss we went down - to 3rd place. One match remains in this tournament.
For 'moral recovery' Jelle, Alexey & Alex (scoring 5 goals) won 9:1 playing for Umberto Rockets later this evening...

October 31st Op het Randje - Team Cardina 3:1. Very good result - victory over one of the leaders.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Vsevolod Kovalenko (1), Daniele Siuni (2), Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker.

October 24th Op het Randje - Falafel 2:4. Oops...
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Vsevolod Kovalenko (1), Jorge Rodriguez, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker (1)

October 17th Op het Randje - Chagess United 7:1.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Roelco Kleijn, Vsevolod Kovalenko, Daniele Siuni, Jelle Hijmissen (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (3), Taco Dekker (3)

October 10th

Op het Randje - Zwarte Mamba 9:2. Again very good victory of our team! With the same score llike last week!
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Vsevolod Kovalenko, Roelco Kleijn, Jorge Rodriguez, Daniele Siuni (3), Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (4).

We played very well, although in the middle opponents were in front 1:2. But at the second half we just 'destroyed' them. Final score - 9:2, we even missed some good chances. Few goals were very nice. As always we played strongly in defense, many nice balls were given to the front, especially by Daniele.

of the team is still 3-2-1: 3 defenders, 2 midfielders, 1 forward; Alexey at the goal; Bart (when he is here), Seva, Roelco, sometimes Daniele, Jelle and Jorge at defense, Taco, Robbert, sometimes Jelle and Daniele at midfield, Alex and sometimes Victor (when he is in) in front.

Still we are on the second place now, on 1 point behind VGSD. We will play against them on 7th November (Week 10 of the competition), perhaps it will be a 'final' of this championship. Go, go / Forza / Vperyed, Op 't Randje! Total result of last two matches: 18:4! So, in these matches we scored one goal (average) in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Alex will miss next three matches due to holidays, but Bart must be back next week from Cambodja. Jorge is leaving after 2 next matches.

October 3rd

Op het Randje - FC Por Noster 9:2. Very nice victory of our team!
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Jeroen (Ali Hitman), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Daniele Siuni (3), Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker (2), Alexey Andrianov (3)

Almost all of our goals vere spectacular - after nice shots or combinations.

We are on the second place now, just on 1 point behind VGSD. Go, go / Forza / Vperyed, Op 't Randje!

P.S. Since last week there is a checking of sportcards at TU sport centre. So, bring one! (if you have...)

September 26th Op het Randje - The Real RKC 4:3. Victory!
OhR: Roelco Kleijn, Jorge Rodriguez, Jelle Hijmissen, Daniele Siuni (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (2), Taco Dekker (1), 2 guys from other teams.

Very nice victory over our permanent competitors from Real. Although opponents were in front 1:3, we won this match - 4:3.
It was first match of our new Italian star-player Daniele for OhR.

September 20th Defense of Martijn Hoeben will take place in the Senaatszaal in the Aula of TU Delft on 16th November 2005 at 15.30.
Regards to everyone from Stefano Milia.

September 19th
Op het Randje - Spartak Olga 3:5.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Victor Papavasileiou, Jorge Rodriguez, Jelle Hijmissen, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov (3).

Goals: 0:1, 0:2, 0:3, 0:4 - opponents, 1:4 - Alex (after break-through and pass of Victor), 2:4 - Alex (again after Victor's pass, kind of 'bicycle' goal, standing with back to the goal), 2:5 - opponents, 3:5 - Alex (from middle of the field).

At the end we played well, with good combinations, but it was too late. We missed few very good chances, but Spartak Olga did the same. At the beginning we were a bit unlucky and then 'lost themself'. So, first lost in the season. Hopefully, next time - after Real RKC - we'll play better.

September 12th Op het Randje - Rongo 7 2:1. Second match and second victory.
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Seva Kovalenko, Victor Papavasileiou, Jorge Rodriguez, Jelle Hijmissen, Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (1). 1 own goal of rwo Alexeys.

Goals: 1:0 - Taco (nice shot into far corner), 1:1 - Alexey A. & Alexey Che. (own goal, funny & terrible - it was almost the end of match), 2:1 - Alex (twisted shot into far corner).

We played better all the time, but scored own goal in a few minutes before the end. Fortunately, our massive attack resulted in the winning goal - 2:1.

September 9th Alex PhD defense! Hora est! 
Alexey Andrianov - new Dr. in Op 't Randje.
Party after defense: Op 't Randje
Op 't Randje 09.09.2005, party after Alexey Andrianov defense

September 5th Op het Randje - FC Tehran 4:2. Start of competition. First victory!
OhR: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus (2), Seva Kovalenko, Jelle Hijmissen (1), Taco Dekker, Paul Helmond (1), Alexey Andrianov.

Goals: 0:1, 0:2 - opponents, 1:2 - Bart (into close corner after Alex's pass), 2:2 - Jelle (after nice combinmation), 3:2 - Bart (nice goal - into far top corner from far distance), 4:2 - Paul (header after Jelle's corner).

Very good victory. Being 0:2 behind, we found energy and capacities to win the match - 4:2. All our goals were very good. Thus, first victory of the season 2005/06 is achieved!

August 29th
Op het Randje - Real RKC 5:2.
Taco Dekker (2), Lodewijk (2), Bart Ebus, Alexey Andrianov
August 22nd Op het Randje - Real RKC 5:1.

August 15th Op het Randje - Real RKC + some players 2:4.
Bart Ebus, Seva Kovalenko, Vladimir Belenko, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov (2)...

August 8th Friendly match. Op het Randje - Real RKC. The final score was 2:3.
OhR: Roelco Kleijn, Vladimir Belenko, Emre, Bart Ebus, Seva Kovalenko, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov (2).

We played well, but lost. Partially because opponents had one player more than we.
Score changes: 0:1 - Laurens, 0:2 - Alberto, 1:2 - Alex, 1:3 - ..., 2:3 - Alex.
In the end we missed few good chances to equlize the score: few times we shooted posts, few times Marco saved Real...

August 1st Friendly match of Op het Randje. The final score was 8:8.
OhR: Roelco Kleijn (1), Vladimir Belenko, Bart Ebus (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (2), Alexey Andrianov (4).
Marco Spirito, Taco Dekker, Seva Kovalenko, Alberto Morpurgo and Derek played for another team.

July 25th Friendly match of Op het Randje. We played with Real RKC supplemented by some players. And we won 5:2!
OhR: Marco Spirito, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Seva Kovalenko (1), Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou, Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (3).

It was nice match. We played nicely, widely, with many good combinations, and all goals were scored after nice combinations.

July 18th Op het Randje played again with Real RKC (supplemented by some players). The result was 1:1.
OhR: Roelco Kleijn, Emre, Fred Vermolen, Seva Kovalenko, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Victor Papavasileiou, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov.
Jok Tang played for opponents.

July 11th Friendly match of Op het Randje. We played with mixed team consisting from DS-Vau and Real RKC. The score was 4:4.
OhR: Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus, Jok Tang, Roelco Kleijn, Robbert Kleerebezem (2), Taco Dekker (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Alexey Andrianov (1). Vsevolod Kovalenko played for another team.

This match was the last (or one of the last) match(es) of Martijn Hoeben for Op 't Randje.
A big party after the match takes place on Beestenmarkt ('Caw place') in honor of our friend Martijn, who played for our team about 6 years, and to celebrate his 107 (only official) matches for Op 't Randje and nice performances.
Dank je wel, Martijn!!!

July 4th Summer break. Time for vacations and friendly matches...

Op het Randje - DS-Vau 12:5. Good training, nice match.
OhR line-up: Bart Ebus, Vsevolod Kovalenko (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (3), Jelle Hijmissen (3), Jok Tang (1), Alexey Andrianov (4).
Taco Dekker and Roelco Kleijn played for DS-Vau, each scored 1 goal.

June 27th Op 't Randje took third place in 'Champions League' due to fantastic second half of tournament - we won all 5 matches!

June 20th In such a way, result of Op 't Randje in last four matches: 4 victories, 30:0 (no goals against)! Go,go, Op 't Randje!
Op 't Randje 20.06.2005

Op 't Randje 20.06.2005

May 23rd Op het Randje - Real Sopio 10:0. Great victory of our team!!!
OhR line-up: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus, Orion Johnson (2), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Alexey Andrianov (6).

Goals: 1:0 - Alex (rebound after Robbert's break-through), 2:0 - Orion (rebound after Jelle's pass and Alex's shot), 3:0 - Jelle (excellent combination!: Alex - valley of Bart, pass by head of Robbert), 4:0 - Alex (after pass of Jelle into closest corner), 5:0 - Alex (above keeper after long ball by Bart), 6:0 - Orion (after Alex's break-through from the left), 7:0 - Alex, 8:0 - Robbert (individual action), 9:0 - Alex (individually), 10:0 - Alex (after great combination with Robbert).

Alex did renew the records of his own and of Op 't Randje - 6 goals in match!
This is our biggest/best victory since 22 September 2003, when we won 12:1.

May 9th Op het Randje - Olga United 1:4. Again we lost, but played quite goof in this match.
OhR line-up: Remus Hanea, Floor Paauw, Bart Ebus, Taco Dekker, Jelle Hijmissen, Victor Papavasileiou, Alexey Andrianov (1).

Goals: 0:1 - opp., 0:2 - opp., 0:3 - opp., 1:3 - Alex, 1:4 - opponents.
Mainly, we lost last two matches due to playing without goalkeeper...

May 2nd Op het Randje - De Bal Kwijt 2:7. Very bad, helpless playing of our team...
OhR line-up: Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus, Remus Hanea, Taco Dekker, Orion Johnson (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Victor Papavasileiou, Alexey Andrianov (1).

Goals: 0:1, 0:2, 0:3 - opponents, 1:3 - Alex (in one touch, after pass of Victor), 1:4, 1:5 - opponents, 2:5 - Orion (strong shot after long attack), 2:6, 2:7 - opponents.

Although we had many chances, our opponents were better.
It seems that playing without keeper we don't have many chances in this competition. All opponents' goals in this match wery 'very simple' - in a way almost all their shots btween posts and under bar result in the goals. Alexey, where are you?
One of the most terrible losses of OhR in history. After this loss we are on 7th place.

This match was #98 for Martijn Hoeben (only official matches are counted) and #95 for Alexey Andrianov for Op het Randje!
Martijn - 72 matches (9 goals) in seasons 2001/02, 2002/03, 2003/04 plus in current season 2 (1) + 9 (1) + 10 (2) + 5 = 98 matches (13 goals).
Alex - 68 matches (100 goals) in seasons 2001/02, 2002/03, 2003/04 plus in season 2004/05 2(4) + 11 (14) + 10 (14) + 4 (4) = 95 matches (136 goals).

April 25th Op het Randje - DS-Vau 3:0. Nice victory of our team!
OhR line-up: Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus, Orion Johnson,  Remus Hanea, Jelle Hijmissen, Taco Dekker, Victor Papavasileiou (1), Alexey Andrianov (2).

Goals: 1:0 - Alex (after taking ball from defender and long run), 2:0 - Alex (into far corner), 3:0 - Victor (nice attack, pass of Alex).

We played faster and were better organized. However, opponents were not bad at all. Just Op 't Randje played very good this time. It was one of the best matches in recent times and we deserved this nice 'dry' victory!
Good playing, good result and new portion of good emotions!

April 18th Op het Randje - Gele Kanaries 1:3. After first victory and first draw in new competition, we did lost for the first time.
OhR line-up: Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus, Orion Johnson, Jelle Hijmissen, Taco Dekker, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou, Alexey Andrianov (1).

Goals: 0:1 - Kanaries, 0:2 - Kanaries, 0:3 - Kanaries, 1:3 - Alex. Only our goal was scored after fantastic break-through of Robbert from the right side.

Actually, we may say that Marco Spirito, who was keeper of Kanaries in this match, won this match himself. He did a few of supersaves, including two Alex's shots in top corner and smart Taco's shot going into far corner. And also a few times we were unlucky - ball was really close to go in, but... Contrary, we didn't have keeper, that results in 'easy goals' of the opponents - they have used nearily all their chances.

In this match, I think, we played better then a week ago, but didn't have even one point. Also the match became quite nervious in the end, many dirty faults, small injuries and even clashes (Alex and Robbert from our team).

Come on, Op het Randje, next time we'll do better! Certainly, the organization and tactics should be discussed again, so as rotation and very important position of last defender (perhaps, it would be the best option if Martijn will play on this position permanently).

April 11th Op het Randje - Taurus 1:1. Unfortunately, playing better and leading almost match, we missed many chances and allowed opponents to equalized the score.
OhR line-up: Martijn Hoeben, Bart Ebus, Orion Johnson, Jelle Hijmissen, Taco Dekker, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou (1), Alexey Andrianov.

Goals: 1::0 - Victor, rebound after pass of Alex and shot of Taco during our first attack; 1:1 - Taurus, just in 2 minutes before the time.

April 4th Op het Randje - De Koolhaasjes 5:2. So, it was first match of new competition and also the first victory of OphetRandjers in this tournament.
OhR line-up: Martijn Hoeben, Roelco Kleijn, Fulco Kramer, Orion Johnson, Jelle Hijmissen (1), Taco Dekker (2), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Victor Papavasileiou (1).

First victory in new competition, so-called 'TU Delft Champions League'

Stefano Milia sent regards to all OphetRandjers from Italy.

March 21st Op het Randje - Falafel 3:1. Nice victory in the last match of the winter tournament.
OhR line-up: Roelco Kleijn, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben, Orion Johnson, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker (1), Alexey Andrianov (1), Victor Papavasileou (1).

Goals: 0:1 - opponents, 1:1 - Victor, 2:1 - Taco, 3:1 - Alex (directly from corner kick!)

We played better and deserved the victory. Victory that brought us three poins and champions title! Kampioenen, kampioenen!
Hence, Op 't Randje won the second (winter) championship of the season - 2004/05 and another title too: counting results of two championships of group A (17.30-18.30), we are on the first plase as well!!!

March 14th Op het Randje - Ali Hitman 3:3. It was tough but nice match, one of the most exciting in current season.
OhR line-up: Roelco Kleijn, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben, Orion Johnson (1), Taco Dekker (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Alexey Andrianov, Victor Papavasileou.

Goals: 1:0 - Orion (shot in close corner), 1:1 - Ali H., 1:2 - Ali H. (Taco's own goal after cross from left), 2:2 - own goal of Ali H. (after Taco's cross from the right), 3:2 - Taco (after Bart's pass), 3:3 - Ali H. (in the end).

So, it was nice and tough match. Both teams were good and approximately equal. Although, of course, it is sad that opponents managed to equalize the score in the very end. OhR was better in the beginning, but none scored for a while. In about half-time, Orion used his chance - 1:0. For quite time it was the score, but later Ali H. scored two goals in a row. The second was Taco's own goal. And what happened next? Taco did a cross from the right side and one of Alis scored 'return' own goal - 2:2. We started the last quarter very good, Bart and Taco brought us to the lead 3:2. After this, Op 't Randje was trying to keep the score, and everything was seeming to be under control, but opponents managed to score. 3:3 - final score of the match.

As always with this team, match was full of clashes and 'light' injuries. But still we were quite good. Nice surprise from team of Vency and Seva - Moody Blues: they won against Rongo 26. Therefore, Op 't Randje and Rongo 26 have the sam points - 21 and share 1st place. Next week we'll play the last match of current tournament.

Position in the tournament: Rongo - 21, Op het Randje - 21, Ali Hitman - 19, VGSD - 18, Real - 14...
Position in the season 2004/05: Op het Randje - 48, Ali Hitman - 43, Real - 42, VGSD - 40, Rongo - 37, Taurus - 35...

March 11th On 14 March Op 't Randje will play postponed (two times!) match with Ali Hitman, on 21 March - with Falafel.

The new competition starts on Monday 4 April. The best four teams of each league (the ranking on March21 is used as indication for this) will play together in "super-leagues". The division is as follows: best 4 from league A (we are currently on 2nd place there) and B will be joined in new league B, playing at 18:30 h. So, we're going to play at this time.
Teams that qualify for the super-league do not need to register themselves for the new competition.

There's a groot sporttoernooi (TU Delft Summer Cup)  coming up again. Dates are: 6-9 June. Subscription: from May 16 onwards.
TUD Sports Centre will organise a summer-artificial grass competition starting July 1. (More info will follow).
See details about all coming competitions at Sport Centre web site.

March 11th One of our most technical and fast players in recent times Stefano Milia left for Italy. Grande grazie, Stefano, for your performances and goals for Op het Randje!

March 4-5 Spartak Moscow | Op 't Randje web site 'Master class' and training matches of Spartak Moscow in Holland. Pictures.
February  28th & March 7th Matches were postponed due to weather conditions (snow, frozen fields).
February  22nd Regards from Alessandro Valebtini, who came yesterday to see our match, and Harald van Mil, whom I meet today, to all old, current and future players of Op 't Randje!

February 21st First loss of Op 't Randje in 2005.
Op het Randje - Rongo 26 1:2.
Team: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Orion Johnson, Martijn Hoeben, Stefano Milia, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileou, Alexey Andrianov, (Jelle Hijmissen)
Goals: 0:1 - (Rob scored for Rongo), 0:2 - Rongo, 1:2 - Victor (after Stefano's pass).
Unfortunately, we lost. For the first time in current competion and in year 2005.
We had extremely good start and many chances to score... But we were very unlucky on this evening - many times ball went very close to the goal after shots of Alex, Victor, Bart, Robbert. Also, opponents had many chances, but Alexey did a number of great saves.
Also, we were in 'knock-out' for a while after first goal of opponents (stupid ricochet after corner) and it resulted in second goal of Rongo - 0:2. Only in the end we did 'close' opponents on their half of field and even score once, but it was too late. It's very disappointed and sad.

In current competition Rongo just took first place 'from our hands' - now Op 't Randje is on 1 point behind. We're on second place, however, not all results of last matches were shown. But in season in total we keep our first place!   For more details and statistics, see season 2004/05.
Next time we'll do it better! (I hope).

February 14th There is always a football match of Op 't Randje on Mondays. Even if that Monday is St.Valentine's Day.
Op het Randje - Taurus 6:1. It is the same score with our match 3 monthes ago! Tennis-looking results of matches Op 't Randje - Taurus 6:1, 6:1.
OhR line-up: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus (1), Orion Johnson, Martijn Hoeben, Stefano Milia, Taco Dekker (2), Alexey Andrianov (1), Victor Papavasileou (2), (Jelle Hijmissen).
Goals: 1:0 - Alex, stolen ball from defender; 2:0 - Taco, into far corner; 3:0 - Victor, after nice break-through of Stefano; 4:0 - Bart, long shot, mistake of keeper; 4:1 - opponents, mistake of keeper; 5:1 - Victor, after break-through from the left; 6:0 - Taco, nice shot into far corner. Also, we missed number of chances: Orion twice shooted into posts, Alex, Victor, etc.
We played better, and wonthis time much easier than 3 monthes ago. Partially due to opponents' lack of player, perhaps mainly, we were playing better and more 'technically'. Although, organization of our attacks often wasn't perfect. Still, most important 3 points and we took the 1st! Weathar conditions were remarkable: strong wind and even hail.

For the first time in current competition and year 2005 we're on the first place! As I did forecast last week we took first place, as Rongo was beaten by VGSD this evening. But opponents are close - standings: Op het Randje - 20 Pts, Ali Hitman - 19, VGSD & Rongo 26 - 18, etc. In current competition, counting all 72 teams, our defense is the second - only 10 goals are missing!

In season 2004/05 (after 19 matches): Op 't Randje - 47, Ali Hitman - 42, VGSD -40, Real - 39, Rongo - 34, Taurus - 32, etc.
Next week we have the match of the year again - against Rongo 26, who has 2 point less than we. Be in shape!

February 8th Most of all matches in Op 't Randje t-shirts (artificial grass championships 2001-2005): Martijn Hoeben - 89 matches (13 goals), Alex Andrianov - 87 matches (130), Fulco Kramer - 83 matches (4)...

February 7th Op het Randje - VGSD 2:1. It was 'match of the year' and we won!
Line-up of Op 't Randje in this match: Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Stefano Milia, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Taco Dekker, Alexey Andrianov, Vency Iordanov.
Goals: 0:1 - opponents, 1:1 - Alex (after Vency's pass, into far corner), 2:1 - Vency (after nice turn, which was a surprise for defender and goalkeeper).

Nice victory in very tough and important match. First part of the match was under control of OhR, but we didn't scored (2 chances) and game became very careful when both teams were attacking with only few players. Opponents have scored first goal, but we were fighting back and found possibilities to score. First, Alex after Vency's pass had put ball into far corner and score became - 1:1! And then, in about 10 minutes to the end, Vency after nice move had scored the second, so important and winning goal - 2:1! In last minutes we have missed few good chances (Jelle and Robbert). But we won! It was good exciting match and Op 't Randje did win this match!

Op 't Randje is on second place now, just one point behind Rongo 26; Ali Hitman and VGSD are very close - 1 and 2 points behind respectively. Let's continue our climbing to the top: 2 match days ago we were on 4th place, 1 mathc day ago - on 3rd, and now on 2nd place!
The season 2004/05 (in total): Op 't Randje - 44, Ali Hitman - 39, Real RKC - 39, VGSD - 37, Rongo - 34, Taurus - 32... We keep first place already for a long time, and now the difference with the second team reaches 5 points!

February 1st Our defense is the best!
In the first tournament of the season 2004/05 we let through only 14 goals in 11 matches and in the second competition - 8 in 6 matches. Both numbers are lowest from all 12 teams; hence, our defense is most reliable in current season (in total pur opponents scored 22 goals in 17 matches). Bravo, Alexey and all the defense!

January 31st Op het Randje - Chagess United 3:0. Kick-off was, as always, at 17.30 cet. Weather was, as always, terrible: strong wind and rain.
Line-up of Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben, Stefano Milia, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou, Alexey Andrianov.
Goals: 1:0, 2:0 & 3:0 - Alex.

Good victory in tough match. And, I can be proud, beautiful goals!, which brought us this victory.
Again our defense had prooved high level and kept '0' on board again - opponents had had almost no chances during all the match. But we also didn't have many chances in the first half - only Victor shooted into bar and keeper twice saved after Alex and Jelle shots. OhR had a big gap between defense and attacking line. Actually, this is often becomes the problem for us. This evening we did play widely - mainly with use of sides, and, although that resulted in few nice combinations, we almost did not play via the centre...
Anyway, after many of our tries and counter attacks of Chagess, we have scored on (about) 40th minute of the match. After long Alexey's pass, Alex managed to cross 3 defenders and put the ball into the goal between keeper's feet. then we're 'keeping the score' for a while. In last 10 minutes Alex scored two goals more: one from the middle of field - above goakeeper, exactly in top corner (this one was nice!), and, later after keeper's defense by curved shot. So, it was my revenge! (clash on 30th second in the previous match with Chagess resulted in stitches on my cheek). In the end we have missed several very good chances: Stef, Rob, Alex.

But 3:0 is more than enough. and we took our 3 points. Good victory in rather difficult match (partly, because of the weather). Currently, we're on 3rd place in the competition, and list of first 4 teams is as follows: VGSD - 15 (goals 38:10), Rongo - 15 (40:16), Op het Randje - 14 (25:8), Ali Hitman - 13 (26:13)...

Standings of the season 2004/05 (second round is underway): Op 't Randje - 41, VGSD - 37, Ali Hitman - 36, Real RKC - 36, Taurus - 32, Rongo - 31... Hence, we're on first place, and next week match against VGSD is of huge significanсe.

January 30th

It is very well known that Op het Randje, together with main Dutch 'community', has 'legioners' from Greece, Italy, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and always used to have many players from other countries: (plus to already mentioned) Austria, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Portugal, etc. So, it was always international and multi-language team.
Apart from that, Op het Randje is becoming multi-city team: Roelco lives in The Hague, Bart - in Rotterdam, and Victor recently moved to Leiden. So, we are the combined team of Zuid Holland now!

January 24th Very important and principal match Op het Randje - Ali Hitman was postponed (or even canceled), so as all other matches of this day. According to TU Sport Centre weather conditions (snowfall) were too bad to play football. So, that's how Ali H. escaped from us this time.

January 19th During 4 years (February 2001 - January 2005) when I'm calculating (doing) OhR statistics, 29 players have played more than 1 match for Op het Randje!
In the seasons 2001/02, 2002/03, 2003/04 & 2004/05 (TU Delft football championships on artificial grass)  27 players played more than 1 match.

January 17th Op het Randje - Moody Bllues 3:0. First our victory in 2005!
Line-up of Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Stefano Milia, Martijn Hoeben, Taco Dekker, Roelco Kleijn, Robbert Kleerebezem, Jelle Hijmissen, Alexey Andrianov, Victor Papavasileiou.
Goals: 1:0 - Robbert (combination Alex - Jelle - Rob, from 1m); 2:0 - Stefano (after pass of Jelle Stef maked precised shot); 3:0 - Taco (individual break through, into closest corner).

From the very beginning we controlled the ball and created many chaces, however we scored first goal only after first 25 minutes. Stef and Taco have scored in last quarter of the match. Without Vency, who finished his PhD study and playing football in TUD championship, Bluesmen managed to create only one chance in the game. OphetRandjeers (i.e. we) have created about 10 chances, but, as always!, we scored onlyt three times.
Opponents left before the time, therefore the match duration was only about 45 minutes. Short match between OhR1 and OhR2 afterwards. Very Dutch weather: rain and wind. All players from Op het Randje list were presented, except of Remus.

January 14th Taco Dekker has got his Master's degree!
The subject was: "Correlation between surface textured tin- and zinc-oxide and short circuit current enhancement in thin film amorphous silicon solar cells".
Congratulations, Taco!

January 10th Op het Randje - Real RKC 1:1. First match in 2005! And it was against Real!
Line-up of Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Remus Hanea, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Taco Dekker, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Stefano Milia, Victor Papavasileiou.
Goals: 0:1 - Real; 1:1 - Op 't Randje - own goal of Real.

Martijn Hoeben's report.
Match was a nice one. It was warm: 12 degrees C (!!), but it still felt cold, because of rain and wind. We played with: Roelco, Bart, Taco,
Jelle, Robbert, Remus, Martijn, Stefano, Victor and Alexey. The goal from their side was scored quite early during the match (after 10/15 minutes or so..?). Didn't remember who scored. It was a good goal. The goal from our side was scored much later on. It was an own goal of Dereck(?) who played the ball back to the keeper from a long distance. I don't know how (probably because the ball was slippery) but Marco managed to miss the ball and it went in! (Terrible).

January 1st New Year!
Hopefully, year 2005 will be successful for all players of Op 't Randje and the team itself.
Have a good year 2005, guys!

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