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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! [en]
Prettige kerstdagen en gelukkig nieuw jaar! [du]
S Novym godom i s Rozhdestvom Hristovym! [ru]
Z Novym rokom ta Rizdvom Hristovym! [ua]
Kala Khristougenna kai Eutukhismeno to Neo Etos! [gr]
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! [it]
Craciun fericit şi un an nou fericit! [ro]
December  21st We are winter champions! Op het Randje is the leader of the season - 2004/05!
Points in 2 competitions (14 matches in total): Op 't Randje - 34, VGSD & Real - 31, Taurus - 30, Ali Hitman - 29...
December  20th Op het Randje - Twarresboys 5:0. Nice victory in last match of year 2004! We are winter champions!
Again the match was from the series 'Freeze another day' - temperature was below 0 and field was really frozen.

Op 't Randje squad list: Alexey Cherepanov, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben (1), Roelco Kleijn (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Stefano Milia, Taco Dekker, Victor Papavasileou (1), Alexey Andrianov (2).
Goals: 1:0 - Alex (a bit under bar, after Victor's pass), 2:0 - Victor (after Jelle's pass), 3:0 - Alex (alone against keeper, after Stefano's pass), 4:0 - Roelco (individual break through from right-hand side), 5:0 - Martijn (twisted shot from almost zero angle).
So, 5:0 - quite simple (despite frozen field and dirty-playing opponents) and nice victory. We were much-much better, but missed a lot of chances - again many posts and balls coming just in centimeters from the goal.

It's very nice - to finish football year by good victory. Go, go, Op 't Randje! To new victories in new year!
December  13th Andrey Shevchenko | Op 't Randje web siteUkrainian forward Andrey Shevchenko is the best player of Europe of 2004!

Today it Andrey (Andriy) Shevchenko, forward of AC Milan and Ukrainian national team, announced that he received Ballon d'Or - Golden Ball - award, which is given to best football player in Europe every year, since 1956, by magazine 'France Football'.
December  13th Op het Randje - TiemMatk 8:2. Nice victory of our team! We're back in business. This match we have started very calmly and well organized and kept the pressure and good organization almost during all time. The match from the series 'Freeze another day' - temperature was -1 (in Celcius).

Op 't Randje squad list: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben (1), Roelco Kleijn, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Taco Dekker (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileou, Alexey Andrianov (5).
Goals: 1:0 - Alex (dodging of keeper, in empty goals, after mistake of opponent player), 2:0 - Alex (into far lower corner), 3:0 - Martijn (good shot into lower corner, after passing with Robbert), 4:0 - Taco (after nice long volley by Victor), 4:1 - opp. (penalty), 4:2 - opp., 5:2 - Alex (after pass of Roelco, into far lower corner), 6:2 - Alex (again into far lower corner, after good pass of Robbert), 7:2 - Alex (immediately after previous, again after nice move of Robbert), 8:2 - Taco (nice shot from left side).

We were much better and, despite some (as always) missed chances, won quite easily this time. We had a lot of freedom in front, that was resulting in many really nice combinations by us and, subsequently, many chances. Many of them were transformed into goals as opponents' keepers level was low. Our defence and keeper worked fine, so as all midfielders and forwards in this match.
Very good and outstanding victory (we deserved it!) of Op het Randje!

After 2 matches of the championship 'Winter - 2004/05' we're on 4th place with 4 points.
Points in 2 competitions (13 matches in total): Op 't Randje & Real - 31 point, Taurus - 30, Ali Hitman - 29.

In last but one match of 2004 Alex completed one of his goals: scoring of 5 goals in one match (before he did it only in friendly match). now the list of players who scored 5 goals in one match is the following: Norbert (18/02/2002), Victor (29/03/2004), Alex (13/12/2004). Also Robbert (20/09/2004) scored 5 times, but 2 of these goals went into our goals:-)

December  6th
Op het Randje - Bil United 5:5. It was the first match of the championship 'Winter - 2004/05'.
Op 't Randje squad list: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Roelco Kleijn, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Stefano Milia, Taco Dekker (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Victor Papavasileou (2), Alexey Andrianov (1).
So, the first match of new competition. And it was dramatic and nervous match, finished by unexpected draw. (In September we won 10:2!).
Goals: 0:1 - opponents, 1:1 - Victor (header, after Alex's pass), 1:2 - opp., 1:3 - opp., 2:3 - Taco (strong shot), 3:3 - Victor (after good combination), 4:3 - Alex (one against one), 5:3 - Robbert (after nice passing with Stefano nd Alex), 5:4 - opp., 5:5 - opp..
The organization of our game in defence and in front was rather bad, we did many mistakes. Plus to this we were very unlucky in this match - about 6 times our shots went into bar or posts (only Alex had shooted posts 3 times), while opponents have used almost all their chances.

Now plan A is cancelled. Plan A was the following: we should win all 11 matches. Now we're going to Plan B: 1 draw and 10 victories!
Real RKC lost first match 1:5 against Ali Hitman.
So, this championship promises to be quite tough and interesting. 6 teams from 12 have reasonably good chances to win the 'winter - 2004/05' championship: Op 't Randje, Real RKC, Ali Hitman, VGSD, Taurus and Rongo 26.

Also, the season 2004/05 may be considered as one long championship of 12 teams with 3 rounds and 33 matches (3 matches with each team). After 12 matches Op 't Randje & Real have 28 points, Taurus - 27.

December  1st New competition starts on next Monday, 6th December 2004!
The group and the schedule are absolutely the same with previous championship. The tournament 'Winter - 2004/05' is scheduled from 6th December till 28th February (Christmas break incl. - next match after 20 Dec. is on 10 Jan.).
Hopefully, we'll play better this time (or at least will have better final result)!
Go, go (Forza, Vperyed), Op 't Randje!

November  29th So, the championship 'Autumn - 2004' is over.Op het Randje took 2nd place as we have just 1 point less than Real RKC, who won the tournament.
Statistics of Op 't Randje in this championship: 9 victories and 2 losses in 11 matches, 27 points, goals: 47:15.
Statistics of players (goals shown in brackets):
Alexey Andrianov (14) - 11 matches;
Taco Dekker (5) - 10 matches;
Martijn Hoeben (1) - 9 matches;
Jelle Hijmissen (4), Fulco Kramer, Victor Papavasileiou (5), Alexey Cherepanov - 8 matches;
Robbert Kleerebezem (4),  Bart Ebus (4), Stefano Milia (2), Roelco Kleijn (2) - 7 matches;
Alessandro Valentini, Remus Hanea (1) - 3 matches;
Edwin Habeych (2), Alex Gali (3); Daniele I, Daniele II, Luigi, Kuni, Marcelo - 1 match.
November  29th Op het Randje - Falafel 3:1.
Squad list of Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Fulco Kramer, Jelle Hijmissen, Stefano Milia (1), Taco Dekker, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov (2).
New victory of Op 't Randje!
Goals: 1:0 - Alex; 2:0 - Alex, after great Martijn's pass; 2:1 - opponents; 3:1 - Stefano, like last week, from left side after Alex's pass.
Defence was good this evening, despite the fact of playing without professional keeper.

So far, new ball of competition is lucky for us - 3 (last) matches and 3 victories, goals 12:3 in total.

November  22nd Op het Randje - Rongo 26 3:1.
Squad list of Op 't Randje:Alexey Cherepanov, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Fulco Kramer, Stefano Milia (1), Taco Dekker, Victor Papavasileou, Alexey Andrianov (2).
New victory of Op 't Randje!
Goals: 1:0 - Alex, from far distance, after pass of Stefano and mistake of keeper; 2:0 - Stefano,  after Alex's pass and shot from left; 2:1 - opponents, shot above AChe; 3:1 - Alex, from 1 m, after strong shot of Stefano and keeper's tuch.
The quality of our playing wasn't so good as last week, but, most important, we won!

Hmm, unfortunately it seems that we are on 2nd place as Real filled / changed some scores on board this Monday and they have on just 1 point more than we...

From now on we have own Nike ball!

November  16th Fulco Kramer Top 5 OhR matches:
ex aequo
1. Op 't Randje - Men in Blue 3:2. 09/12/2002; tough and decisive match (and i made a goal ; ))
1. Op 't Randje - Moody Blues 4:1. 18/10/2004; good wine needs no bush
3. Op 't Randje - Rongo 26 6:2. 02/02/2004; exciting match (and all goals made by OHR ; ))
4. Op 't Randje - Men in Blue 4:1. 08/04/2002; nice match (and first match in new outfit)
5. Op 't Randje - Pallapatta 2:1. 16/02/2004; despite the unsportsmanlike behaviour of our opponents OHR prevailed.
Voting is still underway! Please send your Top 5!
November  15th Op het Randje - Taurus 6:1.
Squad list of Op 't Randje:Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben, Stefano Milia, Taco Dekker (1), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Victor Papavasileou, Alexey Andrianov (4).
Great victory of Op 't Randje!!!
Goals: 0:1 - opponent, after ricochet the ball changed its direction; 1:1 - Jelle, we were also lucky: after Jelle's shot and ricochet ball went precisely into top corner!; 2:1 - Alex, ball was 'stolen' from keeper; 3:1 - Taco, nice shot after good combination with Victor and Alex; 4:1 - Alex, into closest corner, after good pass of Bart; 5:1 - Alex, into far corner after ball lost of Taurus in front and long running; 6:1 - Alex, after fantastic break-through of Stefano, who 'escaped' from 3 players.

We're on first place again and now the destiny of it is in our hands only! It was, in my opinion, one of the best matches, if not the best, of our team - we won in interesting and tough match with strong opponents, eventhough they were in front, we really played very well and defeated the (old) leader of competition.

The end of competition promises to be very interesting: Op 't Randje has 21 points, Taurus - 21 too, Real - 19. Next week we will play against Rongo 26 - important and tough match again.

November  8th Op het Randje - VGSD 0:1.
Squad list of Op 't Randje:Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Martijn Hoeben, Roelco Kleijn, Stefano Milia, Bart Ebus, Taco Dekker, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileou, Alexey Andrianov.
We are on the second place behind Taurus again - we have 18 points and they 21. So, next week is the 'final of competition' - Op 't Randje vs. Taurus!
November 1st Op het Randje - Chagess United 6:1.
Squad list of Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Martijn Hoeben (1), Roelco Kleijn (1), Taco Dekker (1), Bart Ebus (3), Jelle Hijmissen, Victor Papavasileou, Alexey Andrianov (if 30 seconds what I've played are counted:-((().
Goals: 1-0 Bart shot on goal, 2-0 Taco shot on goal, 3-0 Bart shot on goal (goalkeeper wasn't paying attention) :-), 4-0 Roelco shot, 5-0 Bart header from corner, 6-0 Martijn shot on goal, 6-1 nice attack of opponent. After this victory OhR has 18 points in 7 matches. We're on second place - behind Taurus.
After this match we moved back to first place because VGSD won against Taurus 4:2.
Info from Fulco & Bart.
November 1st The day after president election in Ukraine (first round) and Hellowin.
Just few minutes ago (about 11.20) our new polo shirts were delivered to my office. Now I'm going to open it!
Later today we'll play first match in the season by winter time. And we'll play in new polo shirts!
October 28th I have ordered 13 Santino Charma poloshirts in dark-blue (navy) color! Shirts will be delivered on Monday 1 November into my office.
So, most probably, Op het Randje will play next match in new shirts!!!
Total amount: 155.35 eur.
October 26th Top 5 OhR matches > voting is open.
The administration of Op 't Randje official web-site please to announce that voting for best matches of Op het Randje in history is open. Please submit Top 5 matches in your opinion.
Alex imho:
1. Op 't Randje - Men in Blue 4:1. 08/04/2002. TUD Championship.
2. Op 't Randje - Real RKC 1:0. 23/02/2004. TUD Championship.
3. Op 't Randje - Moody Blues 4:1. 18/10/2004. TUD Championship.
4. Op 't Randje - Playball 10:0. 12/11/2001. TUD Championship.
5. Op 't Randje - Men in Blue 2:0. 02/06/2004. TUD Summer Cup. (Because I had scored my #100 in this match!:-)).
October 25th Finally, this week we'll try to buy new polo shirts or t-shirts for Op 't Randje. We'll order one of products of
Most probably it will be the same polo shirt Santino Charma (price is about 12 eur p.p., incl. delivery and BTW).
Please give me information about your size (maat).
Last birthdays: on 16th October Alex becomes 27 y.o., on 21st October Taco - 25 y.o.
October 25th Op het Randje - Ali Hitman 2:3.
Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Martijn Hoeben, Roelco Kleijn, Taco Dekker, Bart Ebus (1), Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov (1).
Goals: 0:1 - opponent, 1:1 - Bart (nice twisted shot from far distance), 1:2 - opponent, 2:2 - Alex (after nice combination), 2:3 - opponent.
Now we're on 2nd place in the championship.

October 18th Op het Randje - Moody Blues 4:1.
Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben,  Fulco Kramer, Remus Hanea, Taco Dekker, Robbert Kleerebezem, Jelle Hijmissen (1), Victor Papavasileiou (1), Alexey Andrianov (2).
Goals: 1:0 - Alex, 2:0 - Jelle, 3:0 - Victor, 4:0 - Alex, 4:1 - Venci.
Pen.: Alex (keeper - Venci).
It was, perhaps, the best match of OptRa in this season.
October 15th Op het Randje World Tour - 2004!
Bart Ebus in Sri Lanka.
Bart Ebus | Op 't Randje
October 11th Op het Randje - Real RKC 3:1. The match from 'Delft Classic' series: we versus Real, i.e. against Alberto, Marco, (also Jeroen and Floor, who weren't present) - guys who did many nice performances for OptRa in past.
Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Roelco Kleijn, Martijn Hoeben, Taco Dekker, Robbert Kleerebezem, Stefano Milia, Alessandro Valentini, Jelle Hijmissen (1), Victor Papavasileiou (1), Alexey Andrianov (1).
Goals: 1:0 - Victor (nice shot - ball went in just above bar), 2:0 - Alex (after pass of Taco and wonderful heel touch by Alessandro!), 3:0 - Jelle (after good combination), 3:1 - Real (after attack by left side).
Also we had missed some chances, including free kick in bar (Alex), mainly because of many non-sharp 'last' passes. We played better, but the organization was quite chaotic, although come attacks and counter-attacks were good.
It was the last match of Alessandro for Op 't Randje. Grande grazie, Alessandro for your performances and goals for OptRa!
Photo session after the match.
Op 't Randje 11.10.2004 | Op het Randje players (from left to right): Stefano Milia, Roelco Kleijn, Taco Dekker, Victor Papavasileiou, Alexey Andrianov, Robbert Kleerebezem (standing); Jelle Hijmissen, Alessandro Valentini, Martijn Hoeben (sitting); Alexey Cherepanov (laying).
October 4th Op het Randje - Twarresboys 6:2.
Op 't Randje list: Alexey Cherepanov, Alessandro Valentini, Roelco Kleijn (1), Remus Hanea, Martijn Hoeben, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Taco Dekker (2), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Victor Papavasileiou (1), Alexey Andrianov, Stefano Milia.
Goals: 1:0 - Victor, 2:0 - Robbert, 3:0 - Taco, 4:0 - Jelle, 5:0 - Taco, 6:0 - Roelco, 6:1 - opponents, 6:2 - opponents.
After match long beer party, thanks to our keeper Alexey.
Results of our matches against Twarresboys this season look like tennis score - 6:0, 6:2.
Next week we have another nice 're-play' - versus Real RKC!
September 30th We're back in business! Now completely & officially!
It seems that after long discussions with Sport Centre we get our place in group A back! So, we'll play each Monday at 17.30 as it was in initial schedule of the tournament. And our next match is on Monday, 4 October, 5.30 pm at field 2B against Twarresboys.
September 28th We're leading in group A with 6 points after 2 matches, but I don't know whether we'll continue to play in this group further or we'll move to another group. Respectively, time of match can change...
Yesterday we have played 'instead' of FACT (team which change us in the tournament in the beginning of our cards' story)... So far, as I know, only one time is available - in the last group at 22.30, but let's wait, maybe something more suitable will appear this week...
September 27th Op het Randje - TiemMatk 4:1.
Op 't Randje players: Alexey Andrianov, Alessandro Valentini, Taco Dekker (1), Remus Hanea (1), Victor Papavasileiou (2), Stefano Milia; Daniele I, Daniele II, Luigi (all four from Italy, so as Alessandro), Kuni (from China), Marcelo (from Chili).
So, completely new team was on field this evening - only one guy (Alex) was playing a week ago too! About our new players. Alessadro is back in business! Two new players Taco and Remus have prooved their high skills by scoring in the match. The band of Italians had helped us a lot, taking part in catenaccio way of playing. 2 guys (from China and Chili) actually are players of FACT - team who has to play instead of us in the tournament (by decision of Sport Centre from last Wednesday).
Goals: 1:0 - Victor (after pass of Alex, one against keeper), 2:0 - Taco (from middle distance, into top corner), 3:0 - Remus (after cool individual break-through), 4:0 - Victor (after pass of Alessandro, one against keeper), 4:1 - opponents (on last seconds).
The beginning was very messy from our side as we never played to-get-her and first quarter we were only trying to organize smth. On other side was Turkish/Arabic team, technically good as all Eastern teams, but not playing in combinational soccer - with passing and fast transition from defence to offence. So as we played! After 1st quarter we took initiative in our hands (hmm, legs, I have to say :-)). We had played very widely, with nice combinations in front and quietly, without serious mistakes in defence. Alessandro, Alex, Stefano, Remus... were playing mainly on the back, Victor, Taco... in front. After nice attack we did score first one and later only increased our pressure, which had resulted in three more goals. Also we have missed few really good chances; Taco and Alex had shooted bar. Opponents did score on last minute. So, Op 't Randje won 4:1! It is a good result and it was football of good quality from our side, especially if you count such a new squad list and organizing everything during the match already... Nice friendly match on real grass afterwards.
September 27th Last news from Sport Centre. Now we're subscribed for the tournament, but don't have fixed place. However, Theo van Leeuwen (tournament coordinator) is quite optiistic about our perticipance. If we're lucky (FACT - team, who took our place, or other team will not show up tonight, we take their place), will play in our group already tonight. If not, Theo will try to find place in other group for tonight and,
subsequently, next weeks.
Let's hope that we'll play tonight. In really worster case we may pactice our skills on real grass field (just training).
These results were not filled after first macth day (in group A, playing at 17.30): TiemMatk - VGSD ?:?, Falafel - Rongo 26 ?:?. So, if one of these teams is 'missing', then we can play in 'our' group.
September 24th What a terrible week for Op 't Randje! Disaster had happened on Wednesday...
Op 't Randje against Sport Centre affair: last update.
Today I did subscribe our team. But at the moment we are only in waiting list (team which is not playing, but waiting for empty place in one of groups). Hopefully, on Monday they will find such 'empty' place for us. In case of any additional information from Theo van Leeuwen, artificial grass football tournament coordinator, I'll inform you immediately.
Before we were only pre-subscribed (despite the fact of playing of first matches of the season) as in our list were 4 old card numbers, which were not replaced in time by new (for year 2004/2005) sport cards' numbers. Therefore, Op 't Randje was 'disqualified' last Wednesday (I've learn about this disaster yesterday).
Thanks a lot to Victor, Fulco, Martijn and others for assistance in such a dramatic situation.
Well, few good things had happened this week too. First - our victory 10-2 on Monday!
Second - 'signing of contracts with Op het Randje' by Taco Dekker (used to play for Scarabeo) and Remus Hanea (used to play basketball). I hope that these guys, so as rest of us, will show their high technical skills already next Monday at 17.30.
Anyway, next week only few 'mohicans' might play - Alex, Victor & Alexey as all other 'mohicans' went to Spain, Greece, USA for conferences or vacations...
September 20th Op het Randje - Bil United 10:2.
'Re-opening' of Autumn Championship' 2004 by OhR was amazing. 10:2 and we are in first place.
Squad list: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Robbert Kleerebezem (3), Edwin Habeych (2), Alexey Andrianov (2), Alex Gali (3).
Quality of our playing was very good, despite strong wind and rain, with many nice moves and combinations.
Goals: 1:0 - Alex A (from very sharp angle, with ricochet), 2:0 - Alex G (immediately after 1st goal), 3:0 - Robbert (nice header after corner by Alex A), 3:1 - Robbert (OG, after corner), 4:1 - Alex G (after good combination), 5:1 - Alex G (from middle distance), 5:2 - Robbert (OG, after cross), 6:2 - Robbert (again nice header after corner by Alex G), 7:2 - Edwin (after good combination), 8:2 - Robbert (nice shot into top corner, after pass of Martijn), 9:2 - Edwin (after long passing), 10:2 - Alex (break through and shot into far corner, after pass of Bart).
As you may see, Robbert was most active and sharp in this match - five goals: three in goals of opponents and two in own goals. So, we have scored all 12 goals in this match!
It was the last match of our Colombian star Edwin Habeych for our team. He did a lot of nice performances and goals for Op 't Randje. Also, short but very efficient time of Spanish star Alex Gali (4 goals in 2 matches) in our team is finished. Good luck and best wishes to you, guys!
September 17th 'Restart' of TU Delft autumn championship - 2004.
We're playing in group A (at 17.30). There are 12 teams, so championship will take 11 weeks.
List of teams: Op 't Randje, Real RKC, Moody Blues, VGSD, Rongo 26, Bil Utd, TiemMatk, Twarresboys, Taurus, Ali Hitman, Chagess Utd, Falafel.
Please do not forget to bring your 'official OhR sportswear' and sport cards each time!
Forza (go, go) Op 't Randje!
September 14th Op het Randje - Real RKC 1:1.
Squad list: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Roelco Kleijn, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou, Alex Gali (1), Edwin Habeych, Alexey Andrianov.
Real: Marco Spirito, Alberto Morpurgo, Jeroen Elzerman, Floris Zannenberg, Lauren, Jerre, Bart, Eugen...
Goals: 0:1 - Jeroen Elzerman (after ricochet), 1:1 - Alex Gali (after combination with Edwin and Alex).
In the beginning Real was better and they had some chances. Finally they've scored - 0:1. After this (in the middle and in the end of the match) we're better. In one of our attacks we did score equal - 1:1 after nice combination. Unfortunately in the end we missed few good chances to win the match - Robbert's header reached the bar, Marco did few nice saves. And on last seconds of the game referee (if one would be present) should give a penalty - it was obvious fault of Bart from Real.
Anyway, Op 't Randje is on 1st place (because of good goal difference) with 4 points after 2 matches.
September 6th First official match of season 2004/05. Op het Randje - Twarresboys 6:0.
Squad list: Alexey Cherepanov - Martijn Hoeben (1), Fulco Kramer, Roelco Kleijn (1), Bart Ebus, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou, Alexey Andrianov (4).
Very cool start of the season - good victory and nice goals!
Goals: 1:0 - Alex (from sharp angle), 2:0 - Alex (after missunderstanding between defender and keeper), 3:0 - Roelco (after Alex's pass), 4:0 - Alex (rebound from short distance), 5:0 - Alex (twisted shot from far distance), 6:0 - Martijn (from middle distance).
We're very active and much faster than opponents.
September 6th So, after long summer break Op het Randje is going to open new season - 2004/05. This season, most probably, will
Preliminary squad list for first competition in autumn 2004 is the following: keeper Alexey Cherepanov; defenders Martijn Hoeben (captain), Fulco Kramer and Roelco Kleijn; midfielders Bart Ebus, Robbert Kleerebezem and Jelle Hijmissen (since October); forwards Alexey Andrianov and Victor Papavasileiou. Also Marco Albrecht and Edwin Habeych might join the team.
We play in group A at 17.30. Therefore Marco Spirito and Venci Iordanov can't play for us in this competition.
We played against many teams from that group. Full list: Op 't Randje, Real RKC, Moody Blues, Chagess Utd, VGSD, Rongo 26, Falafel, Bil Utd, TiemMatk, Twarresboys.
Please bring your sport cards, guys!
Hope we'll win many matches and tournaments during this season!
Forza Op 't Randje!
September 6th Today we will play the first match of the competition. We are registered in poule A and we will play at 17:30 h. Opponent still unknown. (info from Martijn).
July - August Summer holidays of some players of Op het Randje and administration of our web-site.
Also friendly matches between Op het Randje and Real RKC were playing each Monday.
July 19th Op het Randje - Real RKC 8:2 (friendly).
Squad list: Marco Spirito, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Venci Iordanov (2), Edwin Habeych (2), Alexey Andrianov (2).
Each Monday of June & July
Friendly matches between Op het Randje & Real RKC.
Each Monday in June and July we're playing with Real.
June 7th Friendly match Op het Randje - Real RKC 4:6.
Squad list: Alberto Morpurgo, Fulco Kramer (2), Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus (1), Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov (1).
So, Floor, Jeroen (best player of Real) & Co. won this time. We'll take revanche next Monday!
June 5th The season 2003/2004 is over. Or, more precisely, time of official matches is finished. Now summer comes with laying on sea beaches under the sun and friendly matches, against, betweem others Alberto, Floor, Jeroen & Co. (aka Real RKC, aka Physics Dept. People Team).
So, next Monday is the first battle for GrootZommerTechnischeUniversiteitDelftNatuurKundeCup (this is shortified name:-)) between potential winners of Noble award from Biology and Physics Depts.
Russian ladies' final in Paris on Roland Garros.
June 4th The web-site is availatble now at as well. So, welcome to the official site Op 't Randje on Tokelau (.tk).
Tokelau -  group of three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, Oceania, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. Three islands (or atolls): Atafu, Nukunonu, Fakaofo, with total population of about 1400. Originally settled by Polynesian emigrants from surrounding island groups, the Tokelau Islands were made a British protectorate in 1889. They were transferred to New Zealand administration in 1925.
Vency Iordanov, our part-time player (aka Lechkov aka Stoitchkov) is married today in City Hall of Delft. Congratulations, Vency!
June 3rd Op het Randje in the final round: 0:0 with FC Rangier (aka Onze Tegenstanders), 0:3 against Tutor 1, 1:3 against Umberto Rockets (aka Hardware).
Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Marco Albrecht, Bart Ebus, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov, Victor Papavasileiou, Edwin Habeych (1)
Tutor 1, of course, won the Summer Cup. Score of the final Tutor 1 - Ariston 4:2.
Celebration activity in SC, 38 glasses of beer were emptied (just for statistics:-)).
June 1st Op het Randje won both matches in poul 3:0 and 2:0 and went to the final stage of TU Summer Cup! So, as always, we went through qualification (first round) of Summer TU Cup without real problems. Two very good victories, nice, good organizing playing of our team and wonderful goals.
Op het Randje - Knappen 3:0. The first match in our poul A.
Op het Randje - Men in Blue 2:0. The second match of the poul.
Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Alexey Andrianov (3); in both matches.
So, Op 't Randje will play in the final stage! Alex had scored his 100th goal for Op 't Randje!
Op 't Randje 01.06.2004

May 24th Op het Randje - Beukers 2:1. The last match of 2nd spring championship. Again nice victory in very tough match. And again we won due to our good team spirit, when everyone try to do his best and support all other players.
Squad list: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben,  Roelco Kleijn, Jelle Hijmissen, Victor Papavasileiou, Edwin Habeych, Alexey Andrianov (1), 1 own goal.
Goals: Alexey Andrianov - 1:0, after good pass of Bart Ebus, above keeper. 1:1 - opponents. 2:1 - own goal, keeper stopped the ball after Bart's shot but it meet defender on the way and went to the goal! And it happened on really last minutes of the match.
During long time match was interesting but almost without chances (only 2 for both teams). At about 40th minute we have used our chance - 1:0. We're trying to play in 'catenaccio', but it didn't go very good - close to the final bell, opponents scored. But luck was on our side - in one of the last OhR attack the above-described episode had happened. And we won! Hooera, Op 't Randje! Hoera to our team spirit!
With this victory we confirmed our high-skills and team spirit and, also, kept 2nd place in championship. We're on the second place behind Onze Tegenstanders - champion of the competition (but we won in match against them!).
So, in the season 2003/2004 we played in 4 competitions (so-called championships) and our results in these champiomships are: 30 matches, W 22 - D 3 - L 5 (104:40, +64) 69 Pts. (from 90). Look at this incredibly nice results! Especially at number of goals we've scored - almost 3.5 per match!
In these competitions we took three times (!) 1st place and once 2nd. So, despite some problems with number of players or sometimes quality of our game, the season 20032004 has to be called very successfull.
Between 12 June 2003 and 9 February 2004 we didn'y loose in any official matches! This supreme series consists out of 18 matches.
Please see all results here and full statistics of the season 2003/2004 and of all seasons of Op 't Randje in artificial grass tournaments (2001-2004) here.
Jelle's team Hardware won competition in their group. With some help of us (Alex, Fulco, Martijn, Robbert and Victor).
On next week there is traditional Summer Cup. Let's do our best, guys! To finish this nice season with new victories! Go, go, Op het Randje!
May 18th Matches for TUDelft Cup (summer tournament) - 2004 will be played on June' 1 - 3. We're going to play in qualifying group on 1st June between 17.30 and 20.00 (three matches by 30 minutes with 30 minutes breaks between them). In poul are four teams, only the best will be qualified for the final which will take a place on 3rd June.
In 2002 we were in Top 16 (from 64 teams), in 2003 - in Top 8 (also from 64 teams). So, guys let's try to repeat at least result of last year!
May 17th Op het Randje - Best of the World 2:0. Yesss again! Another nice victory in very tough match this time.
Squad list: Fulco Kramer, Martijn Hoeben,  Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Jelle Hijmissen, Victor Papavasileiou, Edwin Habeych (1), Alexey Andrianov (1).
Opponents were familiar to some of us - Victor, Marco Albrecht, Robbert Kleerebezem, Fulco and Alex have played with them 2.5 weeks ago in Tanthof. Then they won 4:2, but in this match we're better. Match was intersesting, game was very fast and dynamic, both teams have maded nany chances to score meanwile only two of all them have been used.
Goals: Alexey Andrianov - 1:0, after long attack, in far corner, in the beginning of match, it was his 96th goal for Op 't Randje in the official matches. Edwin Habeych - 2:0, in the last seconds, after nice combination Alexey - Jelle - Victor. Then opponets have gave up.
After this match we're on the second place behind Onze Tegenstanders. Opponents had had the name after this lost - on Rest of the World.
May 15th World news.
Ruslana from Ukraine won Eurovision Song Contest with ethnical-modern "Wild Dances"!
Beach seaon - 2004 in Holland is open! Nice sunny weather, it's time to go to Scheveningen or other beaches of North sea!
May 10th Op het Randje - Palla Patta 5:1. Yesss! What a victory! Finally, we broke up bad series and won!
Squad list: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben (2), Jelle Hijmissen, Alexey Andrianov (3).
Nice goals, nice victory! After a few minutes of equal game, we took a control under game in our hands and kept it till the end.
Goals: 1:0 - Martijn (1 by 1, nice strong, kick after Alex's pass), 2:0 - Alex (twisted kick in far corner, after Alexey's pass), 3:0 - Alex (one versus keeper, then in almost empty goals, after Jelle's pass), 4:0 - Martijn (brilliant shot, little under bar, after combination with Jelle and Alex), 4:1 - opponents, 5:1 - Alex (in closest corner, after combination with Martijn and Jelle).
In the beginning we missed several chances (post, as always), but then scored nice goals. Opponents have only very few chances, as Alexey, Fulco, Bart, Martijn defended very well. Once, again, as in previous match, defender of our team (Fulco) stopped ball just on line.  Final score 5:1 and, also important, we played much better! So, with only six players we managed to win in nice style what we couldn't do last week with 11 men. Opponents were very friendly - we played to play 6 against 6 despite they were 8; and no fights this time despite our match in February:-)
Very good concentration of us and organization of the game (quite simple, but effective), thorough and reliable in defence, combinative and wide in attacks and, of course, our winning + fightning mood lead us to victory in the match against quite strong opponents.
In championship Op het Randje is on 3rd place, just after Real - we have the same 'amount' of points - 13, but they won match against us. On 1st place, far from us, Onze Tegenstanders with 18 points. We won match versus them on first day of tournament, but after this team won all 6 matches.
May 9th We're going to have (buy) new OhR-shirts! According to Fulco's proposition we're going to buy black (dark-ble) polo shirts (in Makro) - to keep our traditional colour and style. Details will be send by Martijn by electromail soon.
May 3rd Op het Randje - Moody Blues 2:3. Aaahhh! What a sad time for us: three matches in a row without victory.
Squad list: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Martijn Hoeben, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Victor Papavasileiou, Edwin Habeych, Alexey Andrianov (1), Alidin Niztayev.
So, what can I say? Good start (about 10 minutes), 2 nice goals of our team, advantage of opponents, especially after the second, 3 'bombs into our house' and our desperate attempts in the end to save the match. Goals of our team were really great: cool Robbert's kick from the air after Bart's volley pass - 1:0 for us, goal of opponents, then Alex's goal by twisted kick into far top corner - 2:1. But then Venzi (most probably, he scored all three times) scored twice - 2:3. We missed several chances during the match, so as Bluesmen, but not so many good combinations have been developed by us. Imfortunately, final score is 2:3. We're unlucky this time. Although in the end we were quite close to equalize few times, but... So, final score 2:3. Bluesmen have deserved this victory, my congratulations to their diligent and intillegent players Ventzeslav (Venzi) Iordanov (who scored two times for Op 't Randje in 2003 summer Cup), Vsevolod (Seva) Kovalenko, Daniel and others (all, besides crazy Mustafa).
This evening OhR with eleven players - team for real soccer, but maybe too much people for well organized game in soccer 7x7 on artificial grass? Anyway, next week Robbert and Victor will be away, so we'll have less players.
What about other reasons of so helpless playing in last matches? Yes, they are: again was a big gap between midfielders and strikers; strikers only show sometimes individual (not team-playing) skills; since Antonio left we don't have central midfielder at all, what give sufficient advantage to opponents; and, finally, what is quite rare for us, it was an incredible mess in our defence so that Bluesmen have many possibilities score.
I hope, next week we will play with good organization and real Op 't Randje winning spirit. We need it as our next opponent team is Palla Patta, d'you still remember fighting on field in February? By the way, on 1st place in our pool is Real RKC, our famous friends / opponents Alberto Morpurgo, Floor Paauw, Jeroen Elzerman and others. See for detailed information season 2003/04.
To recalll the taste of victory, Robbert, Martijn and Alex have joined Jelle's Hardware and we won 8:2 against In je Holga (four of us have scored 4 goals: A - 3 and J -1). That's all for tonight, let's be in shape next time!
May 2nd The official information about TU Delft football competition (groups, schedule, results, stand) is available at web-site of TUD Sport Centre. Please follow the links.
April 26th Op het Randje - Rongo 26 0:0. On April 26 we play with Rongo 26. The weather was great and stands were full of people as always. Despite fact that we've defeat Rongo easily 2 monthes ago - 6:2 this match was quite tough. Saying true, opponents were better in organizing their attacks, but number of chances was equal for 2 teams. We missed 2 really good chances. So, defence of both teams this evening was much better that offence. As a result - 0:0, first time in all history of OhR! Also, what is sad, second match in a row without our victory - very rear event.
Op 't Randje in this match: Alexey Cherepanov, Fulco Kramer, Marco Albrecht, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Jelle Hijmissen, Victor Papavasileiou, Edwin Habeych, Alexey Andrianov.
April 19th Op het Randje - Real RKC 2:3.
from Fulco Kramer.
Line-up Op 't Randje: Alexey Cherepanov, Martijn Hoeben, Roelco Kleijn, Bart Ebus, Fulco Kramer, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Victor Papavasileiou, Alidin Niztayev (1).
Actually, although Real RKC was stronger I don't think we *deserved* to lose. We were not very thorough with respect to defending near our goal: their goals resulted all from scrimmages.
April 13th Hora est! Antonio M.P. Martins, very well-known for his brilliant performances for OhR just got his doctoral degree after good defence. Congratulations and best wishes to our Portuguese star!
April 5th Op het Randje - Herman 7:0. Simple match and, respectively, victory with many nice goals and combinations. We've big advantage from the beginning, but opponents managed to survive for some time. Finally, we've scored first goal and then defence of Herman just collapsed. Some of our goals were nice, players of Op het Randje heve prooved their individual and playing-in-team skills.
 Line-up Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben (1), Marco Albrecht (1), Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Jelle Hijmissen (1), Robbert Kleerebezem, Alessandro (1), Alexey Andrianov (3).
The best our result since 03.11.2003 - victory with 7 goals' difference! Good start of new competition - 3 victories in 3 matches and goals are 17:3!
March 29th Op het Randje - Falafel 5:0.
from Fulco Kramer.
Line-up OhR: Martijn Hoeben, Marco Albrecht, Bart Ebus, Fulco Kramer, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou.
I believe the final score was 5:0 and Victor made all goals. The match wasn't exciting at all, i think it could've been 10:0 for us if we would've really wanted...
March 22nd New tournament has been started. We keep our nice tradition - victory in first match of the championship! The opposite team was good (with nice name) but we've prooved our skills and team spirit. Victory!
 Op het Randje - Onze Tegestanders 5:3. In the beginning opponents were faster and one of their combinations result in first goal of the match. But after first nervous minutes we take the game and ball under controle. A lots of good actions with fast ball delivery were organized by us, and our defense destroyed all opponents' attacks at that time. OhR had scored five times during the middle of the match, all goals were scored after good combinations. We had even more chances to score, e.g. shooting of the cross-bar etc. In the end 'Our opponenets' had scored twice but we successfully kept winning score. 5:3 and OhR starts new championship with nice victory in good match.
 Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Marco Albrecht, Bart Ebus (1), Jelle Hijmissen (1), Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou (2), Alexey Andrianov (1).
Goals: 0:1 - opp., 1:1 - Bart (from middle distance), 2:1 - Alex (into corner after nice pass of Bart), 3:1 - Victor (into corner after pass of Robbert unexpected rotation), 4:1 - Jelle (after long attack and good combination), 5:1 - Victor (into top corner), 5:2 - opp., 5:3 - opp. (in the end of match).
March 15th Information from Martijn Hoeben.
The match yesterday was again a dear defeat :-(  We're missing you, man! And Bart as well. He was working on his house yesterday. Probably he will be there on the 22nd (also?). Anyway, we lost 1-0 yesterday. They were not good, but at least they had 2 substitutes, while we had only 6 players. (We played 6 vs 6 by the way). There was a new player with us: Victor from Greece. Last week we lost as well: 5-2. We played Turkiyem. They were 3rd in the group and they had some technical players. So that loss was less surprising than yesterday.
from Fulco Kramer.
 Op het Randje - Teletubbies 0:1.
Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Roelco Kleijn, Jelle Hijmissen, Robbert Kleerebezem, Victor Papavasileiou.
Due to an unfortunate pass in the defense our opponents could score early in the match. We had quite a few opportunties to equalize but failed. We were only six but (i think) we played against seven players of their team.
 P.S. by Alexey Andrianov.
It seems that we kept 1st place in cahampionship even with so unexpected two losses...
March 11th Information from Martijn Hoeben.
Furthermore, I have some good news! The new competition will start soon again already. Actually, you won't notice the difference, because it will commence already on March 22nd and the teams will be more or less the same!
So, here's the new schedule:
22 March: Op 't Randje - Onze Tegenstanders (3A)
29 March: Op 't Randje - Falafel (1A)
5 April: Op 't Randje - Herman (3A)
19 April: Op 't Randje - Real RKC (3B)
26 April: Op 't Randje - Rongo 26 (2A)
3 May: Op 't Randje - Moody Blues (1A)
10 May: Op 't Randje - Palla Patta (1A)
17 May: Op 't Randje - Best of the World (2A)
24 May: Op 't Randje - Beukers (2A)
All matches are from 17:30h to 18:30 h again. 
March 8th Op het Randje - Teletubbies 0:1. Op 't Randje: Jeroen den Hollander, Thomas van der Sandt (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Roelco Kleijn, Marco Albrecht, Martijn Hoeben, Jelle Hijmissen.
March 1st Op het Randje - Teletubbies - match cancelled. According to TU Delft Sports Centre all football matches tonight are cancelled because of snow. That's a way how we becomed champions of winter competition. As tonight game is cancelled, only one match remains in the tournament. One match and 5 points difference between us and next team. So, we are the champions again! Congratulations with our renewed title!
February 25th Subscription for new tournament is open. Preliminary list of Op 't Randje is as follows: Roelco Kleijn, Robbert Kleerebezem, Fulco Kramer, Martijn Hoeben, Alexey Andrianov, Dwi Riyanti, Daria Spivakovska (7 sport-card holders or 5 players). Of course, Bart Ebus and, sometimes, Edwin Habeych and Marco Albrecht will play. Also Antonio 'Davids' Martins, one or two times. But we need at least one more player. One told that new South American talent is on the way to team.
I hope that time of matches of Marco Spirito's, Jelle Hijmissen's or Venzi Iordanov's team will be different and one (at least) of them will play for us as well.
The competition will start on 15th March. We're trying to subscribe on 17h30m-group.
February 23rd Op het Randje - Real RKC 1:0. It was the match with our good friends Alberto, Jeroen, and Floor and it was spectacular match!
Our captain Martijn had missed this match due to Carnaval celebrations, while Herre and Bart weren't on the field in Real by same reason.
 Op 't Randje: Fulco Kramer, Roelco Kleijn, Jelle Hijmissen, Bart Maas, Bart Ebus, Robbert Kleerebezem, Edwin Habeych, Alexey Andrianov (1).
What a spectacular match! What a victory! It was very nice and tough match. In the beginning the advantage was on our side, but on the middle of match, teams were exactly equal in sence of playing and missing possibilities to score. We're playing very good, widely and fast, with many good combinations. But Real also had shown their best abilities - good organized defence and nice passes.
Between others, Floor prooved her high skills (learned in time of playing for Op 't Randje), even goalkeeping, Alberto, as always, was extremely reliable defender, and Jeroen had organized many of dangerous attacks. Our defence, by the way, was very good organized as well (first time this year opponents scored nothing) because of good communication between Fulco, Roelco, Jelle, Bart M. They also started many attacks of OhR by passing to midfielders/forwards Robbert, Bart E, Edwin and Alex. Few times we missed good chances after corners, few times ball went close to the goal, but mainly strong defence was a problem. On last minutes of the match we found some energy to start a real storm, and, finally, opponents goals were taken! We tried to score from far distance few ties. In a way these were despaired kicks but also very dangerous. And the last try was succesfull - ball after Alex's kick was crossing many feet nearby (that was a problem for keeper) and went precisely into lower corner! 1:0 on the last minute! Yes, we did it! The magic end for Op 't Randje and very unpleasant for Real.
We had scored on last seconds, and our team really had prooved own name as we scored at the edge of time, i.e. op het randje!!! We're on the first place with 18 points after 7 matches, while the second team - Pallapatta has only 13 points.
It was the last match of Bart Maas for our team. Dank je wel, Bart, for nice performances and goals! Farewell ceremony took place after nice match.
 P.S. Once again, sorry for miistakes (perhaps, lots of them) in English. Due to financial problems, our web site doesn't engage English and spelling checker.
February 16th Op het Randje - Pallapatta 2:1. Tough match with really annoying opponents (fighting incl.) and we won 2:1!
 Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Roelco Kleijn, Jelle Hijmissen, Bart Ebus (1), Bart Maas, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov (1). As usual, kick-off was at 5.30pm, quite cold weather, rain. The beginning was fantastic - our first attack and, after Fulco's pass, Alex had put ball into far corner - 1:0. But very soon Pallapatta had equalize the score - 1:1. After these goals game was concentrated mainly in the middle of field with only few chances for both teams. It was draw almost for all time, and it was a match of teams leading in competition, both with good defence. Opponents often were complaining about something. So, on last minutes two real fights between players happened on the field. Situation becomed very nervous, quite an agressive game from both times, but this time Fortune was on our side: after long attack Robbert gave a ball in front to Alex, then he passed on right to Bart Ebus, who had scored - 2:1!
A very important goal was scored on last minutes of the match and very important victory was wrested out in so difficult match. Currently, we have 5 victories in 6 matches and we're on the first place!
February 9th Op het Randje - Scarabeo 0:3. It was the match against our well-known friends/team-mates/opponents Marco, Taco and others. And our first defeat since 12 June 2003. Also our first match without scoring since the same date.
Well it was definitely not our day. No any smiles of Fortune this time. Italian (mainly) team Scarabeo was very good organized in defence with Taco as a chief, and, important, they had 3 substitute players. They had used almost all their chances (3rd time on last seconds), while we miss some good possibilities due to shooting a post (as always) and few cool saves be Marco who is good very good captain of the team: always trying to organize the game.
Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Marco Albrecht, Bart Ebus, Bart Maas, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alexey Andrianov.
So, quite sad news... But we'll be back next week!   
February 2nd   
Op het Randje - Rongo 26 6:2. We won fourth match in a row in 2004! It was very good match and nice victory!
 Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Jelle Hijmissen, Bart Ebus (1), Bart Maas (1), Robbert Kleerebezem (1), Alexey Andrianov (3).
 All 8 goals of the game were scored by our great team, 6 from them to goals of opponents, and the rest 2 - at our own goal. Well, I don't want to specified names of owngoal-makers here:-) First match of Jelle for our team.
Macth itself was very interesting with many good combinations. The score was changed as follows: 1:0 - Alex (after pass of Bart E), 1:1 - our own goal, 2:1 - Bart Ebus with far shoot and 'smle of Fortune' (mistake of opponents' keeper), 3:1 - Alex (from centre of the field above keeper), 4:1 - Alex (again 'smile of Fortune'), 4:2 - again our owngoal, 5:2 - Robbert (after nice break-through by him and Alex), 6:2 - Bart Maas (with Robbert's help). We have played twice with Rongo 26 before and both times they equalized score on last minutes but on this evening we're much better and fresh in the end. Substitution system (now we don't have very strict positions at the field, player changes other player with taking his position) helps us and good organization of the game which resulted in (almost) perfect combinations. Very good defence by Martijn, Fulco, Bart E, Jelle, who didn't give many chances to opponents, and also participated in many attacks of Op 't Randje. Few chances were missed (post etc.), but generally our acion in front was good - good enough to score 6 times (even 8 as it was explaned).
Rongo 26 2-6 Op 't Randje! Fine numbers! So, it was the best match of our team in this season. And 4 victories in 4 matches of year 2004! And obviously we're at first place of our poul. By the way, this competition will finish at 8th of March. I hope that TU sport centre will organize the new one after this.
January 26th   
Op het Randje - Herman 3:1. First time in year we won with goal difference larger than one.
Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Roelco Kleijn, Marco Albrecht, Bart Ebus, Robbert Kleerebezem, Bart Maas, Edwin Habeych, Alexey Andrianov (3). Herman - team in yellow t-shirts (with one girl in the team).
We're better from the beginning but, like it was a week ago, another team had scored first goal of the match. And again we did famous magic comeback of OhR. Three goals were scored: first two after good combinations (Bart E - Robbert - Alex and Bart M - Alex), and the last one at last seconds of this match - after nice dodged shot of Alex into far top corner. Our defence was reliable again even without 'professional' keeper. Quite fast transition from defence to midfield and then to offence allowed us to made a lots of shoots in this match. Also clear and very useful system of substitutions was used by Op 't Randje. And, remarkable, our team spirit was shown up again!
January 19th   
Op het Randje - Moody Blues 2:1. Second victory in the season. Match was played on recently constructed field 3A. Weather was terrible (wind plus rain), opponents were quite tough (Seva from Ukraine, Turkish players etc.) but finally we won. Despite of number of our attacks we didn't score at the beginning, once post was shooted and few times other good chances were missed. Suddenly, Moody Blues scored a goal. Fortunately, we switch on our best abilities, opponents were starting fights inside of team, and we've managed to score twice. Goals: first - by Alex after mistake of keeper, second - by Edwin with preliminary passing of Fulco. Although it was not luckiest day for us - number of chances were missed at the end (bar etc.).
Op 't Randje: Martijn Hoeben, Fulco Kramer, Bart Ebus, Bart Maas, Edwin Habeych (1), Alexey Andrianov (1). For me it was first match after three monthes without football because of broken wrist and holidays, and I hope it was quite good match:-).
Ok, good start of the season. Go, go, Op 't Randje!
January 12th Op het Randje - Dynamo Tock 5:4.
The first match of the year 2004! This year we'll play 9 matches in poul with 10 teams every Monday between 12th January and 8th March at 17.30.
Changes in team list: Fulco Kramer is back, but our brave keeper Marco Spirito plays at the same time for his home team Scarabeo.
 Report by Martijn.
So, we played the first match. They had a big check for sports cards. This time it was a thorough one. They framed me, man. They came and checked on the fields so I was forced to buy one on the spot.
Anyway... first match went okay. Even if we are without Marco nowadays, because Scarabeo plays at the same time as we do :-( The match was against Dynamo Fock. Final score: 5-4, goals were made by Bart Maas (2x), Martijn and Bart Ebus (2x). Team were: Robbert Kleerebezem, Roelco Kleijn, Fulco Kramer, Bart Maas, Bart Ebus, Martijn Hoeben, and later on some dude called Michael played along. Actually, score was 5:2, Dynamo T. scored twice after the final when new teams were at the field.
Year 2004th Welcome to the New Year and to corresponded new page "News Op het Randje" ("News At The Edge").
So, the new year of our team - maybe with some new players, but definitely without star player Antonio Martins.
Expected team list for the year (at least for first half): Martijn Hoeben, Robbert Kleerebezem, Bart Ebus, Roelco Kleijn, Alexey Andrianov, Bart Ebus, Marco Spirito, Bart Maas, Edwin Habeych; (maybe) Alidin Niztayev and Marco Albrecht - all familiar names, although in subscription list were 3 girls in our team.
Op 't Randje