News of Op 't Randje & Rondje Tap

December 15th Op het Randje - Phidip. 3:1. We are the Champions!
The last match of 2003 was from series "Freeze Another Day" (it was postponed match of 27th October) - cold and windy weather. Our team played in 'experimental' list, first time without Portugeuse wonder-boy Antonio. Despite on this fact, Op het Randje had advantage during all match and we're scored 3 very nice goals: Bart Ebus into far corner after nice pass of Robbert, Robbert himself scored great header again (3rd on autumn), after corner volley by Martijn, and then Alidin scored after nice combination. In the end opponents scored one goal but it was not important already.
OhRa: Martijn, Marco III, extra-player, Bart E (1), Alidin (1), Robbert (1).
Good result and victory and our great team collect champion title in both groups of autumn championship! From 12 matches of autumn championship Op het Randje won 10, 2 draws, 32 points from 36. We've scored 54 while opponents scored only 11 (less than 1 per match in average)!
Kampioenen, kampioenen, ole-ole-ole! See you next season, guys! It will be new season with new victories and new nice goals of Op 't Randje!
December 8th Op het Randje - DCF 3:3. Tough match but quite good result for us. The game was from series "Draw is not enough" (for the opponents). They can't beat us and stayed on the 2nd place. We're in front! As always! Antonio scored two goals that night. The other goal was scored by Robbert.
OhRa: Antonio (2), Robbert (1), Bart M, Roelco, Martijn, Bart E, Edwin
December 1st Op het Randje - FC VGSD 2:1. We are the Champions! We won the competition in group 1C by winning in 6 matches - all matches what we're playing (once annoying opponents weren't show up). 18 points from 18 - this is the result of Op het Randje!
The match itself was very important and we managed to beat our most serious opponents in the group. Alidin scored the first goal and Martijn scored the second.
OhRa: Alidin (1), Antonio, Bart E, Bart M, Edwin, Marco, Martijn (1), Robbert, Roelco.
November 24th Op het Randje - Poldervogels 8:1. We did play yesterday. (Finally). We played against Poldervogels. We had only 6 players yesterday!! Fortunately, Marco arranged two extra players, so we had enough in the end. It was an interesting match. Unfortunately, we did not win! It was a draw: 1-1 - our Portugeuse star Antonio scored our only goal.
OhRa: Antonio, Roelco, Robbert, Marco, Alidin, Martijn, Marco, Luigi. [Info from Martijn]
In 9 matches of autumn championship Op het Randje scored 46 while opponents scored only 6!
November 3rd Op het Randje - 81D 8:1.
8th victory in a row in this season and 10th victory in official matches! [Info from Marco] Guys, who were playing and scoring in this match?
October 20th Op het Randje - de Toekomst 3:1.
Martijn, Bart E, Roelco, Bart M, Thomas, Antonio (1), Edwin (1), Alex (1).
Goals: 1:0 - Alex, 1:1 - opponents, 2:1 - Antonio, 3:1 - Edwin.
7th victory in a row in the season and 9th in official matches! The perfect defence in action: the opponents scored only 4 goals in 7 matches (not more than one per match)! The very good attack in action: 37 goals in 7 matches: more than five goals in average per match! Go, go, Op het Randje! Kampioenen!
Very tough match but nice result and scores. Unfortunately, Alex got an injury - broken arm and out of football till 25 November.
October 13th Op het Randje - FC River 4:1. Very good match and the best performance of our team in the season 2003/04! The strongest opponent in the season so far. We've organized good pressure since 'the beginning of the beginning' (H.Mulisch) but FC River scored first. But without any panic we started real football with great combinations - very fast transition from defence to offence with many smart and convenient passing. We've scored four goals and each of them can be considered as supergoal! It was really the best match of OhR despite the fact of strong team from other side and cold weather (11 degrees). We controlled the ball and all game, scored 4 goals, three times shooted posts and miss some other chances. First time all of us were comlpetely satisfied with the match, quality of our playing and combinations and (of course) the result!
OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Roelco, Bart E, Alidin, Antonio (1), Robbert (1), Bart M (1), Alex (1).
Goals: 0:1 - opponents, 1:1 - Robbert (nice header after corner of Antonio), 2:1 - Alex (in far top corner from middle distance), 3:1 - Bart M (fantastic goal in top corner after combination in one touch with Antonio and Alex), 4:1 - Antonio (after combination with Alex and Robbert, exactly in corner). Again I have to remark that all goals were just fabulous. But the defence was extremely good this night as well. The our strategy in front was very fast motion, we control the ball much better. One of the principles - 'Don't stand so close to me' by Sir (very recently) Sting, i.e. always we had one player who was not covered by defender while our keeper and defenders have demonstrated high selfless and reliable football. As I said once, I'm proud to be a member of the team with such beautiful spirit and great atmoshere inside!
Great victory of Op het Randje in tough and interesting match. 6 victories in a row in 6 matches of the season! Goals: 34:3!
October 6th Op het Randje - SK Asene 5:1. New victory of our team with 5 goals but with many (more than 10) inused chances. SK Asene is weak team but they managed to equal the score in the first half of the match. In general, we controled all game (it was done well) but we missed really a lot of good possibilities (1 bar, 3 posts, many shots wide from area closed to goal).
OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Bart E, Roelco, Antonio (1), Robbert (2), Alex (2).
Goals: 1:0 - Robbert (after long passing Bart E - Antonio - Alex), 1:1 - opponents (1 by 1), 2:1 - Antonio (after mistake of defender, from middle distance), 3:1 - Robbert (after passing from right side), 4:1 - Alex (after good pass of Antonio), 5:1 - Alex (from middle distance in far corner). The first goal of Robbert was, perhaps, the quickest goal in history of Op het Randje. The last three goals we've scored in last 10 minutes of the match.
By such way, fantastic start of the season is going further: 5 victories in 5 matches of Op het Randje on autumn 2003 (goals 30:2)! Talking about autumn: the weather was really terrible - strong wind and hard rain sometimes, although is typical for Holland. Also typical is the fact that OhR always (almost) won! Hoera!
September 29th Op het Randje - Filmhuis Lumen 3:0. Second time in the season we have played with team who was already our opponent once. So, only 2 opponents in 4 matches.
OhR: Martijn, Roelco, Bart E, Antonio, Thomas, Robbert, Bart M, Alex. Mainly we played by scheme 3-2-1 in defence and 1-3-2 in offence. Very good playing in defence, almost very good in offence, and again we're creating a lot of chances although many of them were missing. Nice first performance of Thomas in Delft. We controled the game during all time but sometimes it was a problem with last pas. Still, in general, we're much better than F.H. Lumen (one girl is successfully playing for this team) and in the end we're completely sure in final result. Goals: 1-0 - Bart M, 2-0 - Bart M (both times after breaks through defence by Robbert), 3-0 - Bart E. It was very nice goal by head after long volley!
After this match Op het Randje has 4 victories in 4 matches of the season - by 6 points in two groups. Nice start of the competition - 100% of points so far and we have scored 25 goals already!
September 22nd Op het Randje - Oei Boys 12:1. Fantastic legendary victory! This is the best result of our team ever!
OhR: Martijn, Bart E (1), Roelco (2), Antonio (2), Robbert (1), Bart M (4), Edwin, Alex (2).
Very strong rain during the match - welcome to Dutch autumn! Oei Boys is the clone of Oosteinde - team which we defeated last week 6:0. This time we defeat them even easily, the strong pressure was organised from first minutes, opponents during all match did many mistakes and we were creating a lot of chances. Even without our goalkeeper Marco our defence was very good while the offence was almost excellent. Many nice combinations, shots and goals. Op het Randje has playing one of the best own matches ever and it was great!
Goals: 1:0 - Robbert (again nice goal by head - 2nd in a row!), 2:0 - Bart M (from middle distance), 3:0 - Bart E (far rebound after corner), 4:0 - Antonio (from right side), 5:0 - Antonio (nice rebound), 6:0 - Roelco (break through defenders), 7:0 - Alex (by beating of keeper), 8:0 - Bart M (after nice passing), 9:0 - Alex (from far distance over keeper), 10:0 - Bart M (good passing), 10:1 - opp. (from middle distance), 11:1 - Roelco (nice shot in far corner), 12:1 - Bart M (after good combination).
So, in 3 official matches of current season we won all three times and we scored 22 goals while our opponents scored just once.
This victory 12:1 is largest in whole history of
Op het Randje! Previous record was 10:0 (on 12/11/2001).
September 15th Op het Randje - Oosteinde 6:0. The fiirst match in second poul (Group 2C) of TUDelft Championship 2003 (autumn). Line-up: Marco - Bart E, Roelco, Antonio, Robbert (1), Edwin (1), Alex (2), Venzi (2).
Goals: 1:0 - Venzi, 2:0 - Venzi, 3:0 - Alex, 4:0 - Alex, 5:0 - Robbert, 6:0 - Edwin. Two very important goals of Venzi invited to play for us were scored after nice combinations and first was scored on (around) 25th minute of the match. Before we miss very big number of chances while it was almost no chances for 'Eastenders'. 3rd and 4th goals were scored after individual break-through from the right side, and 5th was really great - after high volley of Alex Robbert finished it by head and ball from the bar came in! Edwin has scoring 6th goal. Actually Roelco was scoring a goal in the beginning but after non-based complains of  "EastEnders' it was not counted. Very reliable game in the defence where Marco, Roelco, Bart M, sometimes Antonio, and Robbert were demonstrating their level. Op het Randje have organized high pressure during all match and the score is completely correct.
Good match, result and quality of our playing! In 2 matches of the season - 2 victories, we scored 10 while miss 0 goals!
September 8th Op het Randje - Filmhuis Lumen 4:0. The fiirst day of TUDelft Championship 2003 (autumn). Line-up: Marco - Martijn (1), Bart E, Roelco - Antonio, Robbert, Bart M - Edwin (1), Alex (2).
Our opponents were a little faster but we had enough experience to contol the game from early minutes. After summer time it was necessary to renew our good combinations, what was done after 15-20 mins. Not (yet) perfect quality of playing but sufficient to defeat F.H. Lumen.
Goals: 1:0 - Alex, 2:0 - Alex, 3:0 - Edwin, 4:0 - Martijn. First goal after mistake of defender, last (on last minutes) - after mistake of keeper, 2nd  and 3rd after good passings. We miss some more chances and almost no chances to the opponents. Op het Randje again in the business and doing it quite good: Marco kept our goals clean, Roelco maded some nice actions (not only in the defence), Robbert (after quit from smoking) showed nice physical condition and high speed, Edwin scored his first goal here, in Delft, Martijn demonstrated his high reliability in defence and also scored, Bart E. started many of our attacks and Bart M. continued many of them, Alex scored twice while once shooted a post, and, finally, 'Portugeuse Davids' Antonio was the motor of our team as always...
Good start of the season!
September 8th Start of new season! TUDelft Championship 2003 (autumn).
Op het Randje will play in groups 1C and 2C every Monday between 08/09/03 and 08/12/03 at 18.30. Full schedule, results and stats is here. Good luck, Great Team! Let's be the champions again!
June, July & August Training, friendly matches, vacations...
June 16th Op 't Randje - De Batsers 11:11.
OhR: Fulco, Venzi, Jeroen E., Eugen, Horia, Robbert.
De Batsers: Alberto, Bart van L., Floor, Sami, Herre.
Although the number of players that turned up today was to some extent disappointing (perhaps I ought to write "the number of players that could turn up" since Edwin was injured, Alex, Antonio and Bart were away on holidays and Martijn and Roelco had other engagements) the match itself was very entertaining. Horia Banciu made his first appearance as defender of OhR this evening and not without success one might add.
June 12th Second day of the Delft University of Technology tournament. Op 't Randje played matches of second round in group III. Upon arrival at the sports centre we noticed to our astonishment that we were not part of the schedule for the secound round. Despite having won three out of three matches during the first round (and hence being winner of our group), that alone didn't suffice according to the organizers of the DUT soccer tournament to procede to the secound round. Fortunately one team didn't show up so that we could participate in the second round without too much aggravation after all.
Due to suffering a verily unfortunate loss against CTRL our dreams of reaching the semi-finals were excrutiatingly crushed. On a brighter note however, we did improve our performance compared to last year. In the 2002 edition (see News & Reports 2002) of the DUT soccer tournament we (almost) didn't stand a chance at all of reaching the semi-finals. Also, most goals ensued from truly magnificent combinations. Besides, our former goalie Alexey Cherepanov (see Players 2002 (spring)) made to our delight a surprise and onetime (?) comeback in the last match and thereby helping us to clinch a 3-1 victory. Finally, a word of gratitude to our friend in need Ventzeslav Iordanov is rather appropriate. His excellent and magnanimous participation has to a great extent contributed to our overall performance.
Matches of second round (each match lasted 30 minutes).
Op 't Randje - CTRL 0:1. Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Antonio, Venzi, Robbert, Bart M., Alidin, Edwin, Alex.
Op 't Randje - 3:0. Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Antonio, Venzi (2), Robbert, Bart M., Alidin, Edwin, Alex (1).
Op 't Randje - 3:1. Alexey, Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Antonio, Venzi, Robbert, Bart M., Alidin, Edwin, Alex (3).
OhR (second round of DUT tournament): Alexey, Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Antonio, Venzi (2), Robbert, Bart M., Alidin, Edwin, Alex (4).
June 2nd First day of the Delft University of Technology tournament. Op 't Randje played matches of first round in group C (instead of group A). Very nice summer weather in the beginning although later the weather became a little bit rainy and cloudy. We were classified in another group because our first opponent didn't show up. Warming-up and discussion of our strategy took place during the delay. Big group of fans from Kluyver lab came to support us and they were satisfied, as were we.
Matches of first round (each match lasted 30 minutes).
Op 't Randje - WL 1:0. Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Bart E., Antonio, Robbert, Bart M., Alidin, Edwin, Alex (1).
DUT tournament for OhR started. Quite nevous first minutes. We never managed to defeat this team (WL) and this evening we couldn't make a goal for quite some time. Equal game but around the 20th minute our fighting spirit helped us; a fast attack, a shot in the far corner and 1:0. We succeeded in maintaining this score and even had some chances to score more. First victory 1:0 although we didn't play very well in this match.
Op 't Randje - Konja 3:2. Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Bart E. (1), Antonio, Robbert (1), Bart M., Alidin, Edwin, Alex (1).
Second opponents were better but our team also started to play very well. Despite our attacks in the beginning, Konja scored first goal 0:1. We increased the pressure and after corner Robbert scored a nice goal with his head 1:1. Equal game, but opponents scored again, they were up 1:2. Despite fatigue we showed our best abilities and mobilities, one of attacks with good passing and 2:2 after Bart E. shot vigorously. We continued with pressure and aroound the 24th minute Alex' shot into far top corner ("9" as we call it in Russia) brought us the lead 3:2. Three very nice goals of our team in this match and good defence as in the previous game and we won 3:2. Six points out of six (the twelve best teams will qualify for the next round, as well as the four best second-ranked teams).
Op 't Randje - 10.33 4:2. Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Bart E., Antonio, Robbert, Bart M. (1), Alidin, Edwin, Alex (3).
Our last match we started very agressively, with many combinations and shots. We scored 1:0; but shortly after a mistake 10.33 equalised 1:1. Again we took the initiative and scored. A nice shot of Bart M. 2:1, but we relaxed a little and immediately our opponents levelled the score 2:2. Then magic fighting and winning spirit of OhR again helped us; we were faster and more precise. Goal of Alex in the corner and we were leading 3:2 again. In the last minute we scored one more time 4:2. We added something in combinations with every match and, also remarkable, in the end we were fresher than the others, indicative of our rather good physical condition.
So, three nice victories in the first round, maximum of points, first place in group C. OhR procedes to the second round of the Delft University of Technology tournament. The second round will take place on the 12th of June from 17:00 hrs onwards.
OhR (first round of DUT tournament): Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Bart E. (1), Antonio, Robbert (1), Bart M. (1), Alidin, Edwin, Alex (5).
May 26th Op 't Randje - De Batsers 6:9.
OhR: Marco, Fulco, Bart M. (1), Bart E. (2), Antonio, Robbert, Edwin, Alex (3).
De Batsers: Alberto, Floor, Jeroen E., Roelco, Eugen, Laurens, Herre.
Good weather, good match. Unfortunately we lost. In the first quarter we didn't play well and the score quickly became 1:5. Later we started playing with nice combinations and attacks. We were very close - 4:6, 6:7. At this time we missed some good chances and De Batsers scored two more goals. Final score 6:9.
Auke defended his PhD thesis earlier in the afternoon. It was a nice defense and Auke has now become a doctor ingenieur (
May 19th Op 't Randje - De Batsers 4:1. Friendly match with our old friends. But also match-revanche because they beat us in February. And it was real revanche. We were playing much better (despite playing 7 against 8) and we had more chances to score. Finally, after nice combinations we scored 4 and miss around 6 very good chances (few times we shoot posts etc.). The opponent team in the end had some chances too and even scored once. Quite good quality of playing and nice result.
OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Fulco, Roelco, Antonio (1), Robbert (1), Alex (2).
De Batsers: Alberto, Floor, Jeroen E, Jeroen 2, Eugen, Irinel, Laurens, Ronald.
May 12th Rondje Tap - Tutor 4 2:5. What can I say? Opponents were better but we miss some really good chances. Pity result, something traditionally wrong with our last matches in each competition. As I remember, we won only once in last games. But... Guys, forget anything bad. Rondje Tap is the champion in this group! We are the champions! Kampioenen!
RT: Marco, Fulco, Bart E. (1), Roelco, Antonio, Robbert, Bart M., Edwin, Alex (1).
On the 2nd of June we'll play in first round of Delft University of Technology tournament. Before, every Monday at 18:30 training match.
April 28th Op 't Randje - Bloemkool United 5:2. After two weeks rest because of Catholic and Orthodox Easters we played again. Match against Bloemkool Utd - team with two nice girls, one scored the last goal of the match. It was already not dramatic for us as we lead in the end 5:1 and then the final score becomes 5:2. But in the middle of time we had some problems. Our opponents scored around 15th minute, we (our MVP, to be more precise) scored 1st later - 1:1 and this score still be quite a time despite a number of our attacks. Quality of passing was not so good, we miss some chances (e.g. Alex shoot against post). But after we score the 2nd, our opponents just collapsed and during last quarter we've scored 3 goals more. So, not the best match for our team but we won - 5:2
OhR: Marco, Fulco, Martijn [c], Roelco, Alidin, Bart E. (2), Robbert, Bart M. (1), Alex (2).
By this match we finish the championship (in group A). As Op 't Randje we won 5 matches while lost 2, goals - 31:19. We have 15 points and it seems that we are the champions again! Later I'll check if someone has 15 (or more) points. Champions!? No, second place (after Hardware).
In two weeks we'll play the last match in group B and then - rest and training before the Delft University of Technology tournament in first half of June.
April 25th Bart received M.Sc. degree - 'afstuderen'. Celebration of this in 'Cafe de Oude Jan' and gifts to Bart: t-shirt of MVP 02/03 and ball signed by all stars of Op 't Randje / Rondje Tap.
April 14th Rondje Tap - Doritos 6:0. Nice victory, already 5th victory of Rondje Tap in 6 matches and now we are the leaders in this group.
RT: Martijn [c] (1), Fulco, Taco, Roelco (1), Robbert (1), Edwin, Alex (3)
April 7th Op 't Randje - Blitzkrieg 7:1. Even 2 'Blitzkriege' in this match: first is the name of the opponent team and second is the way how Op 't Randje put them in the sand (expression of Robbert).
OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Fulco (1), Alidin (1), Antonio (1), Bart E., Bart M. (2), Robbert (1), Roelco (1)
March 31st Rondje Tap - Beukers 2 3:2. Quite tough game, we spent more time in front but other team was leading 2:0 after first half. Only then we switched on our real fighting mood, concentration and organized some good combinations. Again the famous spirit of our team brought us the victory. Viva Rondje Tap! Viva Op 't Randje!
RT: Marco, Fulco, Bart E. (1), Antonio, Robbert, Bart M., Alex (2)
March 24th Op 't Randje - Spetters 5:2. We won again! One step more on long road to the top of world!
OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Fulco, Antonio, Bart E. (2), Robbert (3), Bart M.
March 17th Rondje Tap - Spaanse Vlieg 5:4. New victory of Rondje Tap.
RT: Marco, Martijn (c), Fulco, Antonio, Bart E., Robbert, Bart M. (Alidin played for Spaanse Vlieg). Guys, who scored goals in this match?
March 10th Op 't Randje - de Toekomst 1:7. Terrible result. Hmm, it happenes sometimes. Or were we bribed?
OhR: Marco, Bart E., Antonio (1), Robbert, Roelco, Sami, Murat, Alidin, Floor
March 3rd Rondje Tap - FC River 3:2.
Nervous and quite chaotic match was this night. Fortunately RT show own fighting spirit and win this game. But all our good abilities were shown in second half. The first minutes were chaotic, we couldn't find 'own style' and as the result opponents score twice in the end of first half. But then (as mentioned) Rondje Tap started play very concentrated, aggressively and quick. We used three of our chances and during approximately 12 minutes the score was turned completely - 3:2 for us. And it was the final score, in the end both teams have some chances but... Not best quality of our playing this evening but at least we got 3 points.
RT: Marco, Martijn [c], Bart, Roelco, Antonio, Robbert, Alex (3).
February 24th Op 't Randje - Hardware 2:4.
Unfortunately OhR lost first time in this year and in total we won 3 official matches and lost in 2. Not the best result but we have many matches yet to make the result better.
Despite one year ago matches (4:2 and 7:2 for OhR) this night the opponents played better. OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Fulco, Bart, Robbert, Antonio (1), Alex (1) (Roelco played for our opponents).
After appr. 15 minutes 0:1, later we equalize - 1:1, but then - 1:2, 1:3, 1:4. Only in the end we score again, 2:4 - final score. We have some very good chances but, if say the true, the opponents had more unused chances. What is also remarkable today - we didn't show the best spirit of our team (fighting and winning). Let's fix it, guys, and show our best abilities next week. Go, go, Op 't Randje.
February 17th Football at 'almost Russian conditions' (temperature was -3). Rondje Tap - 10.33 4:0.
RT: Marco, Fulco, Martijn [c], Antonio, Robbert, Alex (3) & 2 extra players.
We won this match on freezing grass quite easily and this victory becomes first victory of Rondje Tap! Quite first part of the game. Then, after good attack, we scored first goal - 1:0. Later, appr. in 10 minutes, we scored again - 2:0 and result of this night becomes understandable. Both teams have some chances as a result we score 1 'common' goal (2 our player & goalkeeper brought the ball in). In the end was one more nice combination and nice final score 4:0. Although I have to say that Op 't Randje plays much better than Rondje Tap. But this night still be special - first victory of RT. Rondje Tap, dear players! Congratulations.
February 10th Delft Football Classics Op 't Randje - Men in Blue! Always important nice matches and we always show our best qualities in these matches.
Supermatch and perfect result for us on this day. OhR - MIB 5:2.
OhR: Martijn [c], Fulco, Robbert, Roelco, Antonio (1), Bart, Jeroen, Alex (4).
In the beginning few chances for both and opponents open the score. Then Alex and Antonio score - 2:1 for us. After long time 'blue men' equalize (definitely after fault). But we were better and, remarkable, more angry and faster. These are the reasons of our advantage in the end. Three goals in a row - 2 after good combinations and last in the end (where 'blue' played like 'only 1 behind'). Absolutely right final score of the match - 5:2. We win in good style and Op 't Randje is still unbeaten (in ranked matches since May 2002!).
After this evening statistics of official matches OhR - MIB are as follows: +3=0-0 (3 victories), goals: 12:5. Famous pictures of our team (see main page) were made after our match against MIBlue (08-04-02).
February 3rd Competition in second group is open. First match of Rondje Tap in history. Unfortunately for two reasons (very good opponents and problems with sport-cards) result was not the best. Rondje Tap - De Batsers 2:5.
RT: Marco, Alberto (1), Martijn [c], Fulco, Antonio (1), Robbert, Floor. Match against team of Physics Dept. with 'our' Jeroen, Alberto and Floor although two last played for RT.
January 27th First official match of the year. Op 't Randje opens the new season to become the champions!
Op 't Randje - Tweety 6:1.
OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Fulco, Antonio (1), Robbert (1), Roelco, Alex (4).
Very nice game and good quality of playing. 2 nice goals of Robbert ('hakje') and Alex (far top corner). Opponents scored in last seconds.
Later friendly match. OhR: Marco, Martijn [c], Fulco, Antonio (1), Roelco, Robbert (1), Alex (1) vs. Dutch-Korean team 3:2.

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