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December 9th Last official match of the year.FC Op het Randje became the champions!
Op het Randje - Men in Blue 3:2. It was really interesting, tough, exciting, difficult match against very strong opponents. We win and we are the champions! Weather. Minus some degrees plus wind - it was match under title "Freeze Another Day". But what You expect, ladies, this is Dutch December (at least we are lucky that game was not in Moscow).
18:30 - kick-off. OhR: Marco - Alberto, Fulco, Auke, Roelco, Antonio, Floor, Bart, Robbert, Jeroen, Alex. From the beginning it was very nice match of two approximtely equal teams. But our team spirit is stronger and we manage to beat our opponents.
After 15 minutes we sore. Alex after Marco's volley ball - 1:0. Immediately after this 2 posts - we and MIB. Quite a time we were leading but then MIB equalize - 1:1. Later nice passing of OhR and Fulco scored - 2:1. But again opponents managed to equal - 2:2. Some good chances were missed by both. Marco and Alberto show quality of Italian defence, all team in general - nice team spirit, fighting and winning mood. After nice combination Jeroen - Alex Bart score - 3:2! Few minutes more and ...
We are the Champions! 3:2 is the final score of last match in 2002. OhR on first place with 13 points.
Third time in a row Op het Randje becomes the champion! In 16 last monthes we win championships in 4 different groups!
Celebration in TUDelft SportCentrum afterwards. Discussion, drinking, plans for future.
Thank You very much, guys, for this match and nice autumn season! We are really the best and we are the Champions!
December 4th Next monday - very important match Op het Randje - Men in Blue. Very important for us first of all. In case of good result we'll defend our title of 'Best Team in the World' and TUD champions.
December 2th Friendly game between Op het Randje and Scarabeo. 7:3. Good friendly match between 'old friends & opponents' on quite heavy and wet (due to rain) field. In the beginning we were much better - 2:0, 3:1; in the middle of the match - equal play with number of good chances for both teams. In the end we did better again. Final score 7:3. OhR-list: Antonio (2), Alberto, Jeroen (2), Bart (1), Floor, Alex (2). For both teams were playing: Fulco, Alidin (who substitute each other when score was 2:0). In Scarabeo played: Marco, Robbert, Roelco (1) and other guys. Our captain Tino miss this match due to holidays. 2-teams-player Auke's last day at Applied Mathematical Analysis dept. was last Friday. Although his defence will be around March and Auke can join OhR at least in few matches more.
November 25th Very important match Op het Randje - PolderVogels 1:1. Tough, interesting, difficult, exciting, dramatical match against our old opponents. Rainy weather. At 18:30 match of 'classic' serie was starting. It was very nice match of two approximtely equal teams.
Some not great chances were missed by both in first half. In the beginning of second half after combination Bart - Alex - Antonio, Antonio scored extremely important goal - 1:0. After this Marco and Alberto show what mean real Italian defence! It's fantastic. All our players show best sportive and fighting abilities (in same time our opponents are not a "Fair Play" team). Many thanks for this match to Marco, Alberto, Fulco, Floor, Auke, Bart, Antonio and Alidin. Unfortunately on the end bad guys equalize - 1:1. But as always OhR on first place with 10 points and we have great chances to become the winner of autumn TUDelft championship.
November 18th Friendly match of Op het Randje vs. our old friends and opponents Scarabeo. Team which we beat 7:3 on October'29 2001 in Championship and 5:0 (as Azzuri) on May'21 2002 in Cup of TUDelft. But our teams are good friends and /important too/ two our good players - Auke and Marco originally are from this team.
After some historical review let's have a look on tonight's show. It was very good performance. Both teams try to show up with 'complete list of players. OhR did it great: all 13 players of autumn 2002 time were coming. We have playing on grass field (little bit wet, not a good lighting everywhere but most important is nice football itself).
We start to play 9x9 with Martijn, Antonio, Fulco, Bart, Alidin, Roelco, Robbert, Floor and Alex for OpRa while Marco, Auke, Alberto and Jeroen were playing for Scarabeo. The beginning was quite chaotic as not every day we play on grass field with 18 players on it. After some time scenario of game was already written. To our honour we have a big advantage in passing, combinations and quality of shots but opponent also replies with number of attacks and shots.
When 0:0 was a long time already defenders of Scarab try to do something. That's why Alex receive the ball from them being alone near Marco - 1:0. We continue our pressure - 2:0 by SuperRobby. Our opponents use quite well a long crossing, after one of them - 2:1, reply of Bart - 3:1. Later Antonio did the score 4:1, later 4:2. Then becomes time of Floor. After free kick of Martijn Alex by head 'send' the ball to far post area where Floor also by head shoot on far corner past of Marco in spite of 2 defenders nearby. The end of first half.
Auke left, Roelco take his position. Some misunderstandings near our goals and already 5:4. But not only Floor make a nice score today. Angry (or hungry?) Robbert score with very strong shot - 6:4. Bart's time to be a man - he score twice on this period and OhR was leading 8:4. Later 8:5 and 9:5 after long attack by Alex. Scarabs were not going to gave up - 9:6, 9:7. In the end we play 5x5 (Antonio, Jeroen and Roelco were left) Martijn plays for the opponents. Goal of Bart and 10:7; 10:8; goals by Robbert and Alex - 11:8 & 12:8, opponents scores 12:9. OphetRandjeers organize the pressure and Bart scored (13:9). |By the way, You can read this report due to only one guy who was not crying in the end 'OK, it's enough' but cares about statistics and nice score.| Finally (it was playing till 'last' or golden goal), after fast combination Alex scored - 14:9.
Final score is 14:9 - good result & nice match, perhaps longest in the season. Alex have scored 4, Robbert - 3 goals (each after 3 goals last time), Martijn and Fulco as always played well in defense, because of these facts we drink some beer in the bar afterwards. Where Bart celebrate his 5 goals (the season's record!) I don't know so far. Also I don't know exactly on which TV-channels we can see the fabulous goal of Floor but I'm sure that almost at all channels across Europe.
14:9! This phenomenal score is a new record not even of season but in whole history of Op het Randje - 23 goals in one match. I'll put it in OhRecordBook.
Here is a story and complete statistics of this season. See You, brave guys, Yours A.
November 15th Web-site of Op het Randje and some good guys from the team organized a nice project - second name of OhR. We need it for next championships. All proposals, results of voting, messages You can find here...
Please send Your proposals, opinions and comments.
November 11th OhR defeat Tsunami 6:1. Nice result, quite good game, 2 very nice goals of our team. In the beginning we have some problems with transition from defense to attacks but later we prove this and it was exactly on time - our opponents score first. We have started real pressure, some very quick combinations and till the end we were best on the field. Robbert and Alex have scored 3 goals each, defense and our keeper Marco were in good form, Antonio almost in top-form again /after injury/ plus our 'fighting abilities' and we won 6:1. Full story here...
November 4th Practice match between two divisions of OpRa. Very long and tough training on very heavy /after rain/ grass field. All players score some goals, for instance I score around 77-:). Big match 20:14 and small match 2:3. Players and all statistics - here...
September 30th Second match of competition. Op 't Randje - defeat WUK 5:3. Full story here...
September 23rd Unfortunately tournament in second group for Op het Randje was ended without the beginning due to renewing of schedule by TUD sportcentrum.
September 16th Competition is started. In first match OhR defeat WL 4:2. Full story here...
Some friendly matches and a lot of training.
Some changes in team list: Alexey and Norbert left the team (Leiden and Rome respectively), Floor and Marco are coming.
June 24th Friendly match Op 't Randje vs Indonesian team 16:0 (approximately).
So, few guys in Europe still can play football quite well. For some reasons (proposal from big teams) this match can be last one for Norbert and Alexey for OhR.
May 24th The season 2001/02 is finished. It was long interesting and good (by results) season for Op het Randje.
May 23rd TUDelft Cup. Second Round.
Op 't Randje-UNVB Rockets 1:3.
Op 't Randje-Poldervogels 0:1.
Op 't Randje-Obotobos 4:1.
OhR on 9th place in final standings of tournament (from approximately 50 teams).
May 21st First day of TUDelft Cup - tournament dedicated to 160th anniversary of University.
Op 't Randje-Moody Blues 1:0.
Op 't Randje-Azzuri 5:0.
Op 't Randje-Juve Power 3:1.
OhR goes to the Final Round of the Cup!!!
We'll play on Thursday at 17.30.
May 13th Training match of Op het Randje.
May 6th Last Day of Championship.
Op 't Randje - Lions 4:7
1-1 Norbert
2-1 Alex
3-2 Alex
3-3 3-4 3-5 3-6
4-6 Norbert
Anyway, Op het Randje - champion in both groups!
April 29th Op 't Randje - Poldervogels 0:1 (friendly).
Weather was acceptable when we had to play, though it was still quite windy. Our opponents, Herman, didn't show up. According to Norbert they left a message on the schedule saying that they couldn't play. Fortunately an other team, Poldervogels, also didn't have an opponent. Hence we could play a friendly game against them. Unlike the previous two matches we couldn't beat them, instead we lost 0:1.
April 22nd Op 't Randje - HTS Rules 2:4
1-2 Alex
2-2 Jeroen
April 15th FC Op het Randje - Poldervogels 2:1. Alberto, Alexei, Alidin, Antonio, Auke, Fulco, Jeroen, Martijn, Norbert and Robbert were present, i.e. an astounding number of 10 players reported for duty. Robbert returned after successfully recovering from a terrible knee injury. Robbert underwent surgery in the renowned Steadman-Hawkins clinic in Denver ( The complicated operation was led by J. Richard Stedman who previously operated on Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Ruud van Nistelrooy. Alidin made his reappearance after having been unable to play for months due to a labour dispute with the Football Union of Kazakhstan ( He was granted permission to participate in the match only after intervention by the recently appointed rector magnificus of the Delft University of Technology, prof. dr. ir. J.T. Fokkema. The outcome of the dispute remains uncertain, negotiations are progressing extremely slowly.Alex and Bart were suspended by the board of OHR for one game as a result of their extensive celebration until the wee hours of the morning following the magnificent victory of OHR against Men in Blue. Hence they could not be part of the line-up, much to the disappointment of the spectators who turned up far beyond any expectation. A local police official estimated the number of aficionados to be in excess of 150. Kick-off was (as scheduled) at 18:30 hrs. Alexei started the game nervously as he gave our opponents an opportunity to score in the very first minute of the match. Our goalie kept his cool though and as time progressed he regained his composure judging by several spectacular safes. Initially startled by this unprecedented overture OHR dug in deep and subsequently began to pound the rigid defense of Poldervogels. After 15 minutes Poldervogels finally succumbed to the mounting pressure: Robbert, who clearly felt ill at ease not having played for three months, volleyed a corner into the net leaving Poldervogels bewildered. OHR carried on daringly against the disconcerted team of Poldervogels eventuating in a superb goal in the 30th minute by our unsurpassed midfielder Jeroen: the defense of Poldervogels stood rooted to the penalty area while Jeroen dashed towards the goal and took an untenable swing at the ball. Groundless disregard in the end by OHR was stoically penalized by Poldervogels making the final score 2:1.
April 11th Op 't Randje now is leader in both groups with 7 points (after 3 matches) in 1st Group and 13 points (after 5 matches) in 2nd Group. 4 matches (2 in each groups) remains before celebrational 'Tour through channels'.
April 8th FC Op het Randje - Men in Blue 4:1. We play really good on this most important match of championship - the reigning title holder vs team which was favorite by previous results - and we defeat our opponents 4:1!
First of all, nice events of this evening: new official form, perfect weather and, of course!, all 11 players of OhR come in to TUD SportCentrum - even Jeroen (was his birthday - gefeliciteerd!) and he plays very well and Robbert - he was injured and can't play but he make nice support to the team. So, in first time we have 10 players in 1 match and this was necessary because our opponents are very physically strong.
Fortunately beginning was good for us - a lacerating strike of Alex beating MIB goalie. Then started the game with equal possibilities - we miss some chances after combinations and corners but opponents miss some too. Our defense rows - Alberto, Martijn, Fulco, Bart plus Auke and Antonio and especially Alexey played just perfect - he save us many times. In the middle of time, Norbert and little bit later Antonio after far shot scored 2 goals - 3:0. Happy end for OhR? Not yet - try to say Blue Men, they score once - 3:1 and immediately hit ball in the post. But they can do something more - in the end we control the ball and direction of play. Probably, this performance was best for us in this season; and after late goal of Antonio (our Portugeuse Davids) everything becomes clear for all players on the field. 4:1 - great victory of Op 't Randje! All of the players put up an incredible fight and our opponents just had not chances even for draw.
One interesting thing - MIB is Men in Blue (not in Black as we thought before). Jeroen not score on his birthday but as I say before he plays very well.
Before and after the match we make some pictures of Op 't Randje - all players are in (with new t-shirts, shorts and socks!). Later I put these photos on our OhR-site.
March 28th New official sponsor of FC Op het Randje is Norwegian The Kvaerner Group. That becomes possible thanks to Fulco and his friend.
New official colors of Op 't Randje: t-shirts - dark-blue (with Kvaerner logo), shorts - white, socks - black.
March 25th OhR: Alberto, Auke, Bart, Fulco, Jeroen and Laurens. Our opponent Dignitas didn't show up which we could have expected since they didn't appear already several times. Luckily we were able to form a hodgepodge of six players so that we could play a friendly match. Despite goals by Laurens (2), Jeroen (1) and one own goal we lost 4:7. The last five or ten minutes we played five against six since Auke had to leave earlier. It was then when our opponents scored twice. Until that we were equally strong.
March 21st Time of the big test comes for Op het Randje. 25/3 - a match without many players (Martijn, Antonio, Norbert, Alexey, Alex) and 8/4 - a match with favorites of 2nd group - Men in Blue. Go forward, the Best Dutch team! Op het Randje forever!
March 18th Op 't Randje - Rongo 26 3:3. Before the match was sharp shortage of OhR-players. Therefore were urgently invited Auke and Bart. The match began with variable success, we have missed some good opportunities, and then our opponents have scored - 0:1. It seems to me, that after that (before last minutes) OhR has shown excellent (for ourself) quality of combination football: were good passes, combinations, and after them Jeroen, Martijn and Auke have scored 3 goals - 3:1. We have pressed opponents to a goal, but unfortunately like last week we have missed some moments (twice Alex shoot in bars etc.). When it seemed, that we have won and there was a pair minutes up to the end, Rongo 26 has managed to score, and last seconds we missed again - 3:3. After the end players of Rongo could not believe in such happy result for themselves, and we... We again played much better contenders, but during few last minutes we lost concentration. Very pity result we were in 2 minutes from a victory. Our series without defeats already consist from 9 matches (7 official and 2 friendly). May be, this is poor consolation, but this is the record of Op 't Randje! Now, guys, our names are entered in the gold book of the football history!
March 11th
Op 't Randje - Rongo 26 2:2. This is something different in comparison with previous week - nice match and not nice result. Opponents was quite strong but anyway we played much better, but only draw. Two times we lead (Norbert) - 1:0, 2:1 and both times Rongo 26 can managed to equalize the score. After second time when score was 2:2 and only 5 minutes remains before the end we had 5 good chances to score. Incredibly that we could not score more on this evening. I hope, that on the next Monday when we shall play with same team, the result will be other. At least, we not lost and our good series without defeats is continued.
March 8th
Op 't Randje - Stamgasten Utd. 8:0. Extremely nice score for us but match was not extremely nice. Our opponents was not strong enough and during the match we has around 25 (or even more!) chances to score the goal. Unfortunately mostly we miss these chances, few times we shoot at posts (3) and cross-bar (2); first goal we score in the end of 1st quarter only, 2nd in the end of 1st half. In 2nd half we play much better score 6 goals, few - after nice combinations. Finally, Antonio (1 funny goal with 2 mistakes of goalie) and Alex (underneath t-shirt with address of Op 't Randje Site) score 3, Robbert and Alberto (in acrobatic jump) - 1, Alexey in the end of match played in field. Good result for Op 't Randje and now we are leaders in 2nd group with 9 points after 3 matches (18:3!). Probably, our next opponents will be more stronger then United.
February 25th
Friendly (non-official) match except 3rd match in Group A. We have only 5 players, 2 guys (Ryszard and ...) join our team. Weather, of course, was awful: rain and wind. But match was quite intersting. We won 3:0 and quality of our play was good. Antonio score fantastic goals: after left-side corner nice kick (from 15 m) into far (right-)up corner.
February 18th
2nd match in 2nd group against Hardware. Weather was really good for the match and stands was full as always. First appearance of Alexey in this yearafter injury. He play such successfully that other team sign with him contract(only for one day) after our match. Our opponents played very well again and twice they lead 1:0, 2:1 but twice we equalized. When score was 3:2 for us they start to make a lot of mistakes in defense but our defense play reallygood especially during the second half of the game. Alberto, Martijn and Fulco just broken a most of attacks. We score 2 nice goals by head (Jeroen after nice combination and Norbert after corner). Final score 7:2 - nice win of Op 't Randje . Norbert score 5 goals in this match. I think that was best match of Op 't Randje in this year.
In second group team Men in Blue seems like strong, at least they defeated Hardware 11:2 on first day.
February 13th
It seems to me that every next step to the Tour through channels becomes more difficult than previous but I believe we can do this.
February 11th
2nd match in 1st groupwas against really strong opponents. Weather - as always good:) - stormy wind and rain in the end of match. First time in this year all players of our team (8, except Alexey) was coming. Hardware (probably Intel is sponsor of this team) played very well and during 20 minutes they have few chances against only 1 for us. Then we scored. 1:0, but they equalizethe score. Fortunately, goalkeeper of opponents make a mistake and Norbert score, and after 1 minute he score again. In the end of match each team make a goal. Final score 4:2.
Op 't Randje won again due to the fighting property of the team. But next week match ("replay") will be a real battle. Go, go Op 't Randje!
February 8th
Site Op 't Randje in 2002 officially presented to the team and all Internet ramblers.
February 4th
Competition in 2nd group is began. "Replay" against WL 3:1. We play against same team (but with some new players) and again weather was really bad (strong rain). Match was really strain: we miss some good chances and then WL score. 0:1 and we can't do something until corner. Jeroen pass and Norbert equalize the score by head 1:1. On last two minutes we score 2 important goals - 3:1. We won due to magic fighting feeling of our team!
January 28th
Competition is begin. First match against WL . Weather and wind was really stormy and sometimes players of both teams was just confused due to the balltrajectory. After appr. 25 minutes of equal game we can score. Later when we score second goal our opponents just stop and scored twice only on last few minutes of the game. Final score 6:2 - nice begin of the Champions League and first step to the Channels Tour. After the game, during discussion in the bar, usual Portugal-Austrian conflicts :)
January 21st
Last training match against Zware Jongens. 10:1 (approximately). Heavy boys leads 1:0, but later we beat opponents easily. Op 't Randje: Martijn, Fulco, Antonio, Robbert, Norbert,Alex.

Important notification
Marco won't play on 30/9, Antonio - few next matches, Martijn - on 14/10 and 9/12, Alex - on 14/10 and 21/10.

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