28 April 2003
Op 't Randje has been succesfully enrolled in the TU Delft soccer tournament. the qualification round will be played on Monday the 2nd of June from 17:00-20:00 hrs. we'll have to play four matches of 30 minutes, the numbers 1 and 2 of each group procede to the final round.
the final round takes place on Thursday the 12th of June from 17:00 hrs onwards.
a message pertaining the possibility to play soccer in the post-season has meanwhile been sent. hopefully we'll receive approval to continue playing soccer in June, July and August.

9 December 2002
Hi Guys - Greatest OphetRandjeers of the World - Champions!

Congratulations with our title of Champioms and the end of official autumn season 2002!
This was very good and interesting season.
I'd like to say that this season was really good, a lot of nice matches and
beautiful goals. We've shown fabulous team spirit and become the best team again. I really like this season and Op het Randje team in it. I'm really proud to be a member of Great Team Op het Randje!

Thank You very much for this season!
Auke, Bart, Floor, Jeroen, Fulco, Martijn, Robbert, Roelco - Dank Je wel!
Alberto, Marco - Grazie!
Alidin - Rahmet!
Antonio - Obrigado!
Alex - Spasibo!

Full statistics of the autumn season 2002 available now on our web-site 5 matches (only official matches are counted), +4=1-0 (19:9), 13 Pts.(+10).

List of
OhR-players with number of matches and goals in season:
Bart - 5(2) Alex - 5(6) Fulco - 4 (1) Alberto - 4 Floor - 4 Robbert - 4(5) Alidin - 4 Marco - 4 Antonio - 3(1) Auke - 3 Jeroen - 3(4) Martijn - 2 Roelco - 2
So, 13 players take part in 5 official matches. Some friendly matches were played during the season.
Thank You very much (all of You) one more time! Players for whom today was (by any reason) last official match for OhR - Thank You for all matches and for everything.

Have a nice winter holidays (if I'm not see You before NY), vacations and rest from soccer:)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
And then in January OhR with fresh energy will open new season and we will write a new pages in golden history of the team!
We are the champions! Op het Randje forever!

See You, brave guys,
Press attache of FC Op het Randje

9 December 2002
Dear Friends!
Congratulations with fabulous win of the TUD Championship!
We are the Champions!

20 November 2002
Hi Greatest OphetRandjeers of the World!
On Monday (25-11-2002) at 6.30 p.m. we will play a very important match of TUDelft Championship against Poldervogels on TUD SportCentrum, field 2B. Please let me (as Martijn will /probably/ not play), KNVB, UEFA, FIFA, Rector of TUD, our coach, our sponsors, TV channels and sport newspapers know if You will come. So,
25 November 2002 > 18:30 > TUD SportCentrum > 2B
Op 't Randje - Poldervogels
We have played against Poldervogels on this year three times already. Unfortunately, we lost twice. So, opponents are very serious and they have very good defense.
15 April - TUDelft Championship - OhR 2:1 Poldervogels
Alberto, Alexey, Alidin, Antonio, Auke, Fulco, Jeroen (1), Martijn (c), Norbert, Robbert (1)
29 April - friendly - OhR 0:1 Poldervogels
Alberto, Alexey, Antonio, Auke, Fulco, Jeroen, Martijn (c), Norbert, Robbert
23 May - TUDelft Cup. 2nd round - OhR 0:1 Poldervogels
Alexey - Martijn(c), Fulco, Bart, Antonio, Alessandro, Auke, Alex
By such way: OhR - Birds +1=0-2 (2:3).
Players missed this match. Some our stars (at least they think they are) like Martijn, Robbert, Roelco will play for national team of Holland against Tahiti. Also Alberto might join Italy in match vs. Vatican next Mo.
Reminder. Official colors of OhR are: - dark-blue (almost black) t-shirts, - white shorts, - black socks.
On December 2 we'll play friendly match (practice) against SomeOne Utd on grass field.
Next official match will be on December 9 (field 2B): Op 't Randje - MIB
Time of 2 very important matches in the end of this season against Poldevogels and (later) Men in Blue - our strongest opponents in group. We have to win to become the champions of this season too. Feel free to invite Your parents, friends, colleauges, neighbours etc. to support us.
On greatest fantastically wonderful official web-site of OhR You can find nice (how it's can be different! - please read it, I'm going to check if You did next Monday) report about last match of OhR against Scarabeo (14:9) in section 'News & Reports'.
2nd name of the team. On biggest nicest (these guys pay me for advertisement, so I have to) and this kind of things site of OhR is a special section 'New name...' where You can find already some propositions about (new) second name of the team. I'm expecting for Your versions of 2nd team name and (also important) Your votes. Proposer of best (chosen) name win a great prise - season ticket for all home matches of Op het Randje and "second name" in next year for free!
And, finally, I need some information as KGB Head Office always ask me. Alidin, I need to know Your birth date and Roelco - the same plus picure of You plus name(s) of Your previous team(s).
See You, brave guys,
Press attache of FC Op het Randje A.

15 November 2002
On Monday (18-11-2002) at 6 p.m. we will play practice (as almost always) on TUD SC. Please let Martijn, me, KNVB, UEFA, FIFA, our coach, our sponsors, TV channels and sport newspapers know if You will come.
You have to! We need a good training before 2 extremely important matches in the end of this season against Poldevogels and Men in Blue - our strongest opponents in group.
Feel free to invite Your parents, friends, girl-friends, colleauges, neighbours etc. to support us during practice and official matches.

11 September 2002
Hi Big Players of Great team Op het Randje!
So on Monday 16/09/2002 we will have the first match of our Champions League 2002/2003 - new season will start. We'll play every week in 2 different groups (let say, Group 1 and Group 2).
16 september 2002. 18:30. TUD SportCentrum. Field 1A.
Group 1. OhR - WL.

FC Op het Randje list in season 2002 (autumn)
Martijn Hoeben (c) Neth, BioTech
Fulco Kramer Neth, BioTech
Antonio Martins Por, BioTech
Alberto Morpurgo Ita, AppPhys
Jeroen Elzerman Neth, AppPhys
Robbert Kleerebezem Neth, BioTech
Bart Ebus Neth, DesEng
Auke Ditzel Neth, AppMath
Floor Paauw Neth, AppPhys
Alidin Niztayev Kaz, BioTech
Marco Spirito Ita, ElecEng
Alex Andrianov Ukr, AppMath

and respectively current OhR mail-list Martijn, Fulco, Antonio, Alberto, Jeroen, Robbert, Bart, Auke, Floor, Alidin, Marco, Alex.

We have played against WL on this year twice in a row - 28 January and 4 February and both times on field 1A! Twice Op het Randje win 6:2 (Martijn (c), Fulco, Alberto, Antonio, Norbert (2), Alex (4)) and 3:1 (Martijn (c), Alberto, Antonio, Robbert, Jeroen, Norbert (2), Alex (1)). By such way: OhR - WL +2=0-0 (9:3).
Players missed this match (disqualifying, injuries etc.).
Martijn, Antonio.
Your participation.
Please let Fulco or me (on all next weeks - Martijn) know if you will join before Monday.
Official colors of OhR are:
- dark-blue (almost black) t-shirts,
- white shorts,
- black socks.
So if You have no official t-shirts of OhR please try to bring black or dark-blue t-shirt. Also (as Martijn mentioned before) please bring a sport card (if You have one).
Last news of OhR.
In few hours befor deadline our team sign contracts with Floor Paauw and Marco Spirito (we rent him from Scarabeo). Next match of our team.
23 september 2002. 18:30. TUD SportCentrum. Field 1A.
Group 2. OhR - Spetters.
See You on the field.
Regards & Good Luck,
Press attache ofFC Op het Randje Alex Andrianov.

Op het Randje list in season 2002 (autumn) and full schedule of competitions in both groups coming soon there.
It seems like GuestBook doesn't work now, sorry.
Floor, Marco and Alidin. As we have to send official list to FIFA, UEFA, KNVB, site administration kindly ask You to send some information (birhdates, previous teams etc.).

10 September 2002
Dear players, Thanks for the introduction, Alex. Yes, yes, as you could all have read in Alex' mail, it's party time again: the new season will start this monday.
The schedule is as follows:
16 sept: OhR - WL (field 1A)
23 sept: OhR - Spetters (field 1A)
30 sept: OhR - WUK (field 1B)
7 oct: OhR - Kanary (field 1B)
14 oct: The mad sc. - OhR (field 1A)
21 oct: Dames 2 - OhR (field 1A)
28 oct: Pallapatta - OhR (field 1B)
4 nov: Stamgasten - OhR (field 1B)
11 nov: Tsunami - OhR (field 2A)
18 nov: Beukers 2 - OhR (field 2A)
25 nov: OhR - Poldervogels (field 2B)
2 dec: Hartman - OhR (field 2B)
9 dec: OhR - MIB (field 2B)
16 dec: OhR - Floorfillers (field 2B)
All matches are from 18:30 h to 19:30 h.
So this monday we will have the first match. I cannot be there unfortunately, because I have some tactical meeting with Jeroen "coach" den Hollander in Oslo. Please let us know if you will join. By the way, Harry also wanted to join this monday. (It will be his last week in Holland). Perhaps someone could remind him at the end of this week....

PS: May I remind you that officially everyone needs to have a sports card. They don't check so often, but october is traditionally a month where they check at the gate of the sports centre...
9 September 2002
Hi, Big Players of Great Team Op het Randje!
New season will start next Monday. Hopefully everyone take good rest during summer and now ready for new season and (of course!) new wins of OhR! As previously (spring 2002) we will play every Monday from September' 16th till December' 9th. Totally 14 matches in 2 groups (7 in each). Kick-off on 18:30 every Mo. on (depence on date) Camp Nou (field 1A), Santiago Bernabeu (field 1B), Olympic Stadium (field 2A) and even Maracana (field 2B).
Some of well-known opponents for us like Men in Blue, Poldervogels, WL, Stamgasten and some new teams like Tsunami, Hartman, Floorfillers. Full schedule Martijn will send tomorrow. Every Monday at least 7 players have to show up.